Sunday, September 18, 2011


Dare I poke my head above the parapet and say hello?! Well the summer has flashed by and although I have poked about in your bloggy lives nothing has been posted with my Happy Crow for quite some time now. Is there anyone out there that still wants to listen I wonder?
The garden is looking decidedly autumnal, leaves are falling and everything is starting to get that scruffy edges look about it.
 My path to work is crisp with leaves and trousers get wet brushing through ferns which grow in abundance down here and a good ground cover in such a large garden.
I have been busy all summer with fingers in a few pies. Mainly I have been painting for galleries but also working in the Sea Garden and having all the fun of hunting out nice things to sell in the shop and also at our annual summer Homespun Fair which I organised with Gertie  and it was a great success as you have probably seen over on the Homespun blog. So much so and by popular demand we are going to have a Homespun Christmas Fair on the 27th of November. We still have stands available if you want to apply for one.
Well I went off to Shepton Mallet this weekend to find some more little bits of loveliness for the shop and I think because I had a bit of a small budget for such a wonderful big fair I did not actually buy that much but thought you might like to see some of it.
Tiny soft pink leather shoes small enough for a doll with sweet little buttons, a bit tatty but couldn't resist them.
 Nice French hat and coat rack. Look great in that little cottage by the sea!
 Two dolly beds in need of some bedding.

 Love this dolls chair for its worn paint, sure it used to be a high chair but its so sweet.
 This cabinet I want to keep, look at the original paper inside. I am going to paint it off white, its not a very nice wood finish in the flesh so I dont feel bad about doing it. Will Mr Crow let me keep it I wonder?
 Beautifully feminine French mirror with a candle holder at the base, So pretty and in perfect condition.
Very pleased with this haul of Regatta china which always sells well in the Sea Garden.
 Wanted to show you this that I found at a car boot over the summer for the bargain price of £10! An original oil painting by Raffay. The funny thing about it is that it looks remarkably like me as a child, I have hung it in the living room and everyone who sees it thinks its of me! So although I bought it to sell and looking it up on the internet its worth about £150 I don't really want to let it go.

And finally this is what I am doing at the moment, just started a little series of  paintings with a circus theme. The dog troupe above is my work in progress, cant wait to get out there in the morning and get back into it. 

P.S. I have joined Facebook, yipes!