Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Spy. What did she Buy?

I Spy, what did she buy? She was off again last weekend, she is always going away and coming back with more than she left with! After lots of hugs and kisses on my nose (which I love!) and a peck on a cheek for Daddy, as it should be, she zoomed off to the Shepton Mallet Fair, which she tells me was great if not a bit wet around the edges. After two days of staring out of the window she at last reappeared staggering up the path with lots of packages I had not seen before.

One of them was this table which she bought to sell but I said it would look nice in the sitting room so she gave it a try and agreed with me.

She also got this dinky little set of drawers, which she spent far to long cooing over instead of making a fuss of me!

Other little things that I totally ignored to her disgust to sell in Christines shop, she just keeps saying sweeeeeet.

She has been busy this week, having been inspired at last to get on with some work she came up with this painting, I think it should have been My heart is like a barking Dog but hey I suppose bird sounds better.

They are taking me here this afternoon so I can run, run, run to my hearts content, she loves me so much!

But till we go I think I will just cary on snoozing. As soon as I hear that word 'Beach' I'll be in the car nose to the window.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do I like snow?

Well hello and a Happy New Year to you all. Yes, I know I am a week late but give a girl a chance I am only just emerging from the chocolate, sugar high of over indulgence, late nights and another couple of inches on the waistline that is Christmas! Well surprisingly enough it was snowing this morning and the cats, who have been a bit reluctant to venture out decided that yes, they did want to see what all this white stuff was about, but would mum come out with them as it was all a bit scary!

Hmmmm, not sure about this.

Oh Boris, its alright, have a good sniff you might like it.

Yes mum, I do, this is fun!

It feels funny! Rub my tummy.

Better run after Daisy. What's she doing?

I'm looking at that.....what?.....that bit of snow.....better get it..

Got it......oooh no.....havn't got it......

got it.... got it....I ain't got it.....

Where'd it go? Don't want it anyway!

Here I come mum!

Can we go back in now its all been tooo much.

Cats back in I went for a little wander as it was all so lovely. The river Fal runs near the house and looked very pretty and the light on the trees was almost pink. I did not stay out long as it was very cold even in the sunshine. We are stuck down in our valley as the lane outside is frozen and this new lot of snow will no doubt freeze on top of that so even with a 4x4 we may not make it to the top of the hill, we might attempt an escape tomorrow for more supplies as heavy snow is forecast for the weekend. Its quite exciting to be marooned in the quiet of the snow, we know when we are cut off when the postman doesn't make it! No post for two days although the last time he came he was wearing shorts, thats Cornwall for you!
After cleaning and tidying the whole house in a bid to put it off, I am going to have to turn my mind to getting on with some work! Don't know why I have been delaying like mad as I am excited about the projects I have planned, a new start to a New Year.
I wish you all good luck with your New Year resolutions and any new projects you may be starting and look forward to seeing what you all get up to in the months ahead and hopefully making some new friends along the way.
Keep warm all. XXX