Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday afternoon

We are still managing to have our Friday afternoon outings and this week we popped up to the north coast and parked up above Porthtowan for a few hours. It was a glorious afternoon and so bright Im afraid all my photos are a bit over exposed.
We did go for a little walk but it was so hot with no real breeze that it was quite unpleasant wandering along (I am not a sunshine person!) but the flowers were wonderful.
Thrift, in great swathes along the path and hanging on in great clumps to the crumbling edges of the cliffs......

.......along the banks of the footpath.......

........scrabbling over the walls.......

.....deep yellow gorse smelling of hot coconut or what I think baked peaches......bees emerging, pollen coated, satisfied.

We wandered back to the car enjoying every step even though we were baking slowly in the sun. A picnic lunch on the grass of the cliff edge (not to0 near the edge) then sat back and read our books, well in my case my wonderful new edition of Where Women Create a stunning magazine from America.

Oh dear, we are turning into 'Old Gits' who sit in their cars by the sea reading and falling asleep! Never mind it was a lovely afternoon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Come, peek in the studio.

What a week this has been. A lovely day last Friday at the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair where I found some lovely things. It paid to be more controlled this time as I am usually swept away by all the delightful things to buy and spend most of my budget by stall three!! I should have taken some photos of my purchases to show you but will do that next time. I am sure you will love my old wooden doll and early 19th century paper covered chest. Saturday we had a wonderful evening at The Windswept Cafe in Newquay (sorry to say this, but its the only thing worth going there for except the zoo). Sunday we went to an open garden along the river from us I took my camera thinking it would make a nice post but had forgotten to charge it so only took three photos! Monday woke with a bit of a sore throat. Tuesday an even worse sore throat and another horrible trip to the dentist. Wednesday full blown flu in a day bug! Managed to get a walk on the beach in the morning but almost didnt make the drive home I felt so awful and spent the rest of the day in bed. I must say that there is nothing like a big fluffy cat in your bed with you when you feel poorly, he purred and snuggled up and was better than any hot water bottle and stayed as long as I needed him. Still a bit grim today but my head is a bit clearer and my joints have stopped aching, hope I will be OK by Sunday as I am at the Lostwithiel Festival with Christine and Gertie, we all have stands next to each other, at the Community Center if you can come along.
I took these photos of my new studio to show you, just a little snoop round. Its still a bit untidy not everything has found a home yet but I cant believe that all of this went into my room in the house!

Outside we had a deck area built as the ground gets very wet here whenever it rains. Its a nice place to take a break and listen to the birds.
My journey to work is down this path from the house. Mr Crow spent many a long weekend making this path. I hope soon to have a little chicken run on the grass here and some bantams to listen to while I am working. We used to have chickens here but when we got the ex battery girls they destroyed the grass so we moved them up to the orchard where I hardly ever see them, so it will be nice to have some more.

A couple of little projects here, got these at Shepton. The pram needs a bit of a clean up and is destined for sale, so too the old Star sailing boats which mainly need re-stringing on the sails.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour, I still have not got down to any serious work in the studio yet and cant wait to get my paints out and finish that painting and get on with others I have in mind.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Its not (V&H) Fair!

No, unfortunately its not all about the Vintage and Handmade Fair as I forgot my camera! A great day was had by all with masses of vintage treasures to tempt the customers. When I looked up after rushing to complete my stand (as usual the last bit was placed as Jayne announced the doors were about to open) I thought this looks like a vintage girls idea of heaven! I did manage to get a bit of a look round and wished I had loads of money as I was tempted by so many things. It was a lovely day and so nice to see blogging friends again, there is always such a warm friendly feeling to the V&H fair, I think we have all settled down cosily with one another and I am sure we are already looking forward to November!

Well as I have no photos of the fair I thought I would share some car boot finds with you. I was disappointed to have missed my regular Sunday boot and was therefore delighted to find that there was an extra one in Truro on Bank Holiday Monday. I got there early so as to be first in the que. Most of the boots here are run so that you are not allowed in till half an hour after the cars start to set up so that all is ready and everyone has a fair chance, its much more civilised than crowds descending on poor booters as they try and unload. But it pays to be early and get in first! Well here are a few of my finds....
This little 1930s plaster girl and her doggie in front of a mirror is so sweet, the colours lovely and faded.

I am delighted with this stash of hundreds of mother of pearl and glass buttons. I have plans for these!

Some pretty costume jewellery.

I had one of these as a child, the hairdryer still works, only blows cold air though!

I found a big tin of old cigarette cards of which these beautiful dogs are a few.

But I think the best find of the day is this wonderful 1940s mirror. It belonged to the mother of the lady I bought it from, I could tell she was a bit sad to see it go and said "You will look after it wont you?" It still smells of her mothers perfume which some might think a bit odd but I find enchanting! After promising to look after it I am not sure now wether I want to sell it or not and it does look nice with some old glass bottles and things in front of it in our sitting room!