Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do I like snow?

Well hello and a Happy New Year to you all. Yes, I know I am a week late but give a girl a chance I am only just emerging from the chocolate, sugar high of over indulgence, late nights and another couple of inches on the waistline that is Christmas! Well surprisingly enough it was snowing this morning and the cats, who have been a bit reluctant to venture out decided that yes, they did want to see what all this white stuff was about, but would mum come out with them as it was all a bit scary!

Hmmmm, not sure about this.

Oh Boris, its alright, have a good sniff you might like it.

Yes mum, I do, this is fun!

It feels funny! Rub my tummy.

Better run after Daisy. What's she doing?

I'm looking at that.....what?.....that bit of snow.....better get it..

Got it......oooh no.....havn't got it......

got it.... got it....I ain't got it.....

Where'd it go? Don't want it anyway!

Here I come mum!

Can we go back in now its all been tooo much.

Cats back in I went for a little wander as it was all so lovely. The river Fal runs near the house and looked very pretty and the light on the trees was almost pink. I did not stay out long as it was very cold even in the sunshine. We are stuck down in our valley as the lane outside is frozen and this new lot of snow will no doubt freeze on top of that so even with a 4x4 we may not make it to the top of the hill, we might attempt an escape tomorrow for more supplies as heavy snow is forecast for the weekend. Its quite exciting to be marooned in the quiet of the snow, we know when we are cut off when the postman doesn't make it! No post for two days although the last time he came he was wearing shorts, thats Cornwall for you!
After cleaning and tidying the whole house in a bid to put it off, I am going to have to turn my mind to getting on with some work! Don't know why I have been delaying like mad as I am excited about the projects I have planned, a new start to a New Year.
I wish you all good luck with your New Year resolutions and any new projects you may be starting and look forward to seeing what you all get up to in the months ahead and hopefully making some new friends along the way.
Keep warm all. XXX


noelle said...

Happy New Year Jane! The cats are so funny, mine are a bit like that, a bit unsure and then oooh yes this is quite fun. We too have had snow in St. Ives, seems like its freezing though tonight. Couldn't get out till after lunch today, live at the top of a steep hill!! Looking forward to seeing the new projects, have some of my own to show soon too. xxxx

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

What beautiful cats you have! I am amazed at how well they adapted to their snowy surroundings! Just like little children. Your scenery photos are fabulous, too. Happy New Year!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Happy NewYear Jane!

Postman in shorts says it all! welcome to Cornwall.

I love that our pets go all kittenish/puppyish at the sight of snow.

When it snows in Cornwall you lknow its a very hard winter!

Sarah x

Diane said...

The cats on my street have been leaping around like demented idiots!! Hubby and I thought that they might not like the cold on their paws. Lovely lovely photos.

hens teeth said...

Hello Jane
It's always a treat to see a new post of yours. Everywhere looks so beautiful. Your cats are a delight.
Looking forward to seeing all your new projects.
viv x

walter and me said...

Happy New Year Jane! Hasn't it been a joy to have some 'proper' snow here in Cornwall? Love your kitty pics - seems our animals love the snow in such a playful way. My dog has been going nuts!

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

A Happy New Year to you too Jane. I have just been enjoying your pictures of the animal family, they are so entertaining to watch when they go out in the snow. My bonnie is just starting to get used to it, she keeps trying to eat it now. Lovely pictures. Keep warm. Julie.C

heidi said...

Happy new year to you all!!
Love the snowy pics jane,sooo pretty.Bless boris & daisy arent they funny!
Take care & stay snug & warm.
With our love heidi,john,tai & os. xxxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Happy New Year Jane! Loved the cat photos - they are funny aren't they? My dogs are loving the snow but the cats & chickens are no impressed.
Our postie hasn't been for two days either but he made it this morning - the tractors have made the lane a bit easier to drive on.
School is closed for the 3rd day today.
We are also running low on supplies & with more snow forecast I think I'll have to get out to the shops later in the Landrover.


Autumn Mist said...

Lovely post, your cats are gorgous. Mine do go out, but even the farm cats have realised how warm it is indoors, so I never know who I might find curled up on the bed when I get in! I can't imagine snow in Cornwall either. We have about 8 inches, and I am sick of the sight of it now!

Floss said...

What is this about posties in shorts? I've seen a photo of another one already today! I loved the photos and text of your cats, and I hope you do manage to get the supplies you need. Even here in the south of France the weather is causing us problems, but not anything like with you!

Flower Girl said...

My cats have hardly dared to venture out this week in the snow, making your two look quite brave and adventurous by comparison! Good luck with all that you have planned for 2010! Rebecca x

A time to dance said...

oooh the puss cats look lovley, alfie is being a wuss and wont venture out although we have about 6 inches..its been so cold me thermals will have to wrap the cats round you to keep you and hugs H

Lyn said...

Happy New Year!
I have just shown your post to my cat, she won't go out in the snow!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, too! The cats are so cute and sure look inquisitive. Lovely area you live in - just lovely!

Best wishes for a fabulously creative year!


Pipany said...

Happy New Year Jane. Our postie was wearing shorts and then disappeared for a few days. Sure he caught something! Snow has all but gone now in Penryn, but more supposed to be coming later. x

BusyLizzie said...

Hi Jane, good to hear from you. Glad your cats enjoy the snow.. my Boris hates it! Look forward to seeing you at Shepton (shivering in the tents!) I am sure there will be enough comp tickets to go around Blogland... Lizzie x

Margaret said...

Great post Jane, you live in a beautiful place! M

BusyLizzie said...
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Mojojojo said...

I happened to stumble upon this blog and I have to say I am extremely envious of where you live. It's gorgeous!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I love your pictures of the cats having fun in the snow. Our cats seemed to enjoy it too!

It is unusual for it to snow in Cornwall...We ended up not having a postal delivery for 10 days because we live in a single track lane in the countryside!

All back to normal now
Warm wishes
Isabelle x

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Now it's the 29th they've probably seen enough to have resolved their doubts . I know I have !