Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Spy. What did she Buy?

I Spy, what did she buy? She was off again last weekend, she is always going away and coming back with more than she left with! After lots of hugs and kisses on my nose (which I love!) and a peck on a cheek for Daddy, as it should be, she zoomed off to the Shepton Mallet Fair, which she tells me was great if not a bit wet around the edges. After two days of staring out of the window she at last reappeared staggering up the path with lots of packages I had not seen before.

One of them was this table which she bought to sell but I said it would look nice in the sitting room so she gave it a try and agreed with me.

She also got this dinky little set of drawers, which she spent far to long cooing over instead of making a fuss of me!

Other little things that I totally ignored to her disgust to sell in Christines shop, she just keeps saying sweeeeeet.

She has been busy this week, having been inspired at last to get on with some work she came up with this painting, I think it should have been My heart is like a barking Dog but hey I suppose bird sounds better.

They are taking me here this afternoon so I can run, run, run to my hearts content, she loves me so much!

But till we go I think I will just cary on snoozing. As soon as I hear that word 'Beach' I'll be in the car nose to the window.


salty pebble said...

woweeee your sooo talented! a real inspiration and i love your vintage finds...and your sweet little doggy- how cute!!...i can see the love! ;0)xxxx

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Now he looks like butter wouldn't melt, just like my bonnie. Lovely to see you Jane, you have picked some wonderful things, this table looks really good and thats an old tin, nice painting too. best wishes Julie.C

Lyn said...

Oh cute doggie, and lovely goodies!
Pop over to my blog I have a giveaway!

heidi said...

Hello you!
Bless little midge,how sweet does she look all snug as a bug!!
Looks like you had a good time at the fair,love the table. i wonder how much of it will reach christines?!!
Hope you are all okay.
Love & hugs from us all. xx

Yasmin said...

Hi,I adore their pictures and your funny way of speaking of your small dog... he is so sweet.
And your painting with the black bird is of a deep beauty and my burrow heart.
Big hugz,

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your puppy is adorable! And look at all your marvelous finds! I have to tell you that the pink background paper reminds me very much of my very first long formal dress, which I had made for a friends fancy 16th birthday party. I need to go find a picture of that.

Diane said...

Oh dear. It must be dreadful having a shop, as you only buy what YOU really love! It does look a gorgeous table though. I don't blame you for keeping it yourself. Did I tell you that I once made a special journey from St Ives to Porthscatho just to vivit your shop (you had been featured in a magazine at that time). Sadly, you were closed - so I could only press my nose up at the window - the hubby was very relieved though! xxx

Clare said...

What a clever mummy you have finding those things...but you are by far the loveliest little pup!!

Autumn Mist said...

Lurrve the table! Did you really come back with more than you left with? C'est la vie! Lol. Are you far from the beach?

noelle said...

oh i love your dog! What great finds, i have yet to visit the shop!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Love this post. Great to see you last weekend. Lovely purchases!

Sue x

A time to dance said...

hurray Jane...I have missed you sweetie...what wonderful treasures....I love the little lead animals, I never ever see those up here...and the table...very very jealous...wish I could give midge a and hugs from us all, half term soon, phew so will give you a ring its all mad here...

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

What a lovely table, but a more beautiful pup!

Jess said...

That's a lovely painting, I really like the writing around the edge, it makes the whole thing magical! And I LOVE that table and the tiny drawers! xx

Anonymous said...

HI Jane and midge! Very cute blog this week. Like Heidi said, how much will reach Christines. Just to let you know the table you sold me is fab! finally I have a desk and can be organised. you must come and look.
See you soon for walkies on the beach. Sara X

Anonymous said...

Hi again, meant also to say I like your new painting. I would never think to put a black bird on a black background but somehow you make it work. You are very clever with ideas you must do more! Sara xx

noelle said...

Hi Jane, i did reply to your comment that i hadnt received your email. You are the second person to send me an email and i haven't received it. I don't know whats wrong. If i get it i will reply, i'm not ignoring you!!! x

Gemma Mortlock said...

Hi Jane
I just stumbled upon your blog, it is really wonderful and your wee little hound is just a beauty!!
Thank you for brightening my day with your lovely photos and funny stories im so glad i found your blog
Big Big Hugs

Carolee said...

What treasures! I think I like your painting the best though. :)

And Midge is just adorable!

~ Carolee


HI, just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy your blog and wanted to ask where you got your wonderfull vintage horse from, i love it !!!

Anonymous said...

you've been sunshined.
check out my blog for details of your award

Maria x~x
The Scarlet Butterfly Company

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Love the little pig and his friends, will you sell them in your shop?

Lynne said...

I love that table - it is just gorgeous!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Sooooo sooooo cute! Cute finds and an adorable little doggie!