Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blatantly advertising my courses!

I Hope none of you will be offended by my blatant using of my blog to advertise a couple of the courses I want to run this year.
Although they are all collage courses they are all quite different. Above is a collage on canvas made up of lots of different images all with the same theme, here it is dogs but you could choose anything that takes your fancy. You will paint the canvas to give an interesting background texture then apply images and then embellish with buttons, jewels, glitter etc etc then paint again to give more texture and distress/aging effects. A fun way to bring images together.
This lovely folding padded collage uses layering of textiles some transfer work and copying images onto cotton and organza, each panel tells a little story. Some machine and hand stitching.
This was truly a joy to create, lots of hand stitching, buttons, ribbon, photos, paper, lace well you can bung on anything that takes your fancy!

All the courses will come with a basic 'kit' for you to build on and I have plenty of images you can copy but I would encourage you to look around for your own 'themes'. The sky is the limit really.

If there is anyone out there that may be interested please leave a comment as I would love some feed back, am I on the right track?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I absolutely love the first collage. I tried some myself last year, but one can't be good in everything! So I think it's a wonderful offer to share your unique ideas and skills. If only you would run the courses when I'm over there! Let me know, I'm your first customer.
Love, Gertie

Ticking stripes said...

Just what I need but you are at the other end of the world (from the Midlands)!I'm sure you will get lots of takers!

A time to dance said...

Wish I could go on one of your courses...hopw you are all and hugs H

Pipany said...

Good luck with the courses Jane. I am sure they will be well subscribed and such fun too x

salty pebble said...

you advertise away! good for you!!
your art is just so beautiful...
i love the dog type theme and all your wonderful collections of images such joy to see ;0)xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, The collage has turned out well. I saw it before you put the final paint on which has brought all the elements together. They look like fun to do. See you soon. Sara xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

They are lovely Jane - I'm sure lots of people will want to do that!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Jane
You are absolutely on the right track for me - totally up my street, as they say!!!
I'd love to hear more about your courses :-)
Denise x
What beautiful creations you've shown here!

Jess said...

What fun your course is going to be! I think the Bloggesphere is the perfect place to advertise what you're doing, good luck with it all! :o)xx

lemonade kitty said...

I too love the first collage I only wish I was fortunate to live in Cornwall instead of up here in the North East, never mind I'll just have to dream, Love Lucey xx

Country Style Living said...

The collages are lovely, I am sure it would be a great success!


Yesterday I bought a card in The Painted Bird in St. Ives. It was called New Hat Old Bird. I was drawn to the beautiful illustration and humour. Today I visited your blog and noticed that it was by YOU! I recognised your name and then it clicked! How lovely!

Yes, your courses sound great! Where in Cornwall are you for the courses? I'm St. Ives


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

I would love love love to go to one of your courses!
I´m living in Sweden, we have to find out a way...;)
Kindest regards

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Jane
Inspiration is running deep down there in Cornwall..
Really love your first collage.. it's the dog's pyjamas!

I am sure you'll get a full house with no probs.. just wish I had wheels and time and I'd join you!

Looking forward to August.!

Michele xx

Anonymous said...

I would be very interested in one of your courses Jane.

Val Reaves said...

Greetings from Kansas in the U.S.--Love your work and your site, they really inspire me! I'll be checking with you in the future. Best wishes on your classes..wish I lived closer to take them!
Val :-)

The Fairy Tale Maker said...

These are great. I particularly like the canvas. Wish I was closer to you!!

Rose&Bird said...

Sounds fantastic, I would love to join one of your courses, although I'm not sure about the logistics as I'm having a baby at the end of May!

Liz x

Little Chicks Info said...

Any chance that you'd be willing to sell a collage?? I love the doggie collage and all of your stuff is amazing! I'm doing a swap with Lemonade Kitty and I'd love to come to your looks amazing..I am going to visit your country soon I hope! Keep up the beautiful work! I enjoy seeing your talents!


Hi there, Happy Easter! Just catching up on blogging and visiting blogs I love. Your courses look VERY appealing, I'd love to do one some day. Meanwhile, if you'd like to send a poster to the shop I'll gladly pop it in the window.
Love Lesley XX