Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pinky, creamy lovelyness

Every year I wait impatiently for the coming of spring,  I love to see the countryside around us waking up after its long winter rest.  I love winter with its short quiet days, log fires and of course Christmas, but when buds appear on the trees and little shoots start to push up out of the ground its time to open the windows and let gusts of warm sweet spring air into the house.  

One of my favourite plants in our garden is the cherry tree,  although its beauty in full blossom only lasts a week or so I watch it start to flower and when in full bloom I  cant wait to go and burry my face in its PINKY LOVELY CREAMINESS.  It smells divine and the blossom against the blue sky as you can see is heavenly.

I wish blossom would last longer it fades so quickly but we do have cherries to look forward to if we can beet the blackbirds to them, its a waiting game they always seem to win!

The faded antique colours of helibours (excuse if thats the wrong spelling).

Beautiful quince flowers.

Our garden is stuffed with primroses and primulas, they are everywhere you turn in many colours and shades, little fairy grottos appear in odd corners.   

Back indoors between breaks in the garden gloating over flowering delights I have been busy getting on with new stock. 

Bracelets made from vintage buttons, this year I thought it would be nice to present them on a card with some jolly fabric. They look like a box full of sweeties.

Painted boxes decorated with ephemera and buttons.

And after much stuffing and sewing, here are a few dolly creatures ready to start painting. I am looking forward to getting on with these I will show you them when they are done.


Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

I to love cheery blossom everything is just starting to come out now, I have a few primulas in pots outside and like you say they have nice rich colours. We made the most of our first light evening walk with bonnie, where I live it has been a nice sunny day. Happy crafting. Julie.C

MelMel said...

Good evening!
What a happy post...beautiful pictures and those dolls look very interesting!
Look forward to seeing more about that!xxx

heidi said...

Hi the little boxes! cant wait to see the new dolls come to life (with their clothes on!!),especially the fairy & pixie!! Is it a cornish piskey??!!
lots of love heidi.xx

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

Spring flowers are beautiful aren't they?
Can't wait to see all your shop items finished :)
Em x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

What beautiful photos, Blossom on trees make me feel good! Spring is underway. My flowers have been slow in making an appearance this year. You garden flowers are superb. Have enjoyed your post
Isabelle x

A time to dance said...

I love it when the winds take the blossom and their delicate petals fly and danc around our windows like large pink flakes of journey along the horrid old ring road comes to life in the spring as the sides of the road are lined with blossom trees, one tree is half white and half pink...I cant wait to see the finished bodies...they look like the the pilsbury dough man...probably spelt wrong...we are putting dreams of cornwall on hold as pete didnt get the job and could be another statistic by the summer...praying for work...and a visit to see you and your lovely home..

Diane said...

Perfect pictures that sum up Spring. You are always a few weeks ahead of us that are up in the frozen wastes of Yorkshire. I really enjoy your blog.

Julia said...

Hello :)

Our own little cherry tree is in bloom, it burst open into a froth of pink gorgeous~ness yesterday! Just delicious!!

I really like your button bracelets - and your little boxes too. Cant wait to see your dolls all painted up!

A lovely post,

sending warm sunshine to you
Julia xxx

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

The little boxes are adorable! I too love to see the blossom on the trees ~ a sure sign that spring has finally arrived!

Carolee said...

Gorgeous photos! LOVE the new work too, especially those bracelets - I have a thing for vintage buttons. :)

~ Carolee

Jess said...

What a beautiful place you live! I do like those lovely shapes just waiting to be painted, I look forward to seeing them!x

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Everything is inspiring me! This post is so full of promise and beauty and hope. I can't wait to see what you have up that magical sleeve of yours. I know it's going to be special and fun!!! I miss you, but I'm having such fun in the Carolina's right now. It's wonderful. To answer your question about grits. It's white or yellow corn based cereal kinda like cream of wheat! I love it with cream and heavy cream. It's a staple in low country south carolina. It's served like white rice with lot of butter and pepper. I should make a pot and take a picture to show you he he he he! It's really very tasty!!! Well Jane, I wait with baited breathe to see your fabulous creations soon! Take care Sweetie! Your Number one fan V!