Saturday, May 2, 2009

A little bit vintage and poor doggie

I meant to blog this last Sunday but something horrible happened on Sunday evening that stopped me.  My poor little doggie was attacked by the Alsatian down the lane from us.  As you can imagine a jack russell is not much competition up against an Alsatian.  It could have been a lot worse and she only managed to get one bite in before I yanked Midge off the ground but she got hold of Midgies tail and a tug of war ensued with Midge in the middle and me screaming at the dog to let go.  Midge has a hole in her side which thankfully is healing well but she is quite traumatized by it all.  We have not slept much this week as she has been in a lot of pain and crying quite a lot for attention.  Poor little mite, I only took her out to try and pep her up a bit,  she has cushings disease and has not been to well the last few weeks, she started to have seizures which are a bit alarming and we dont know if its part of the disease or something else.  She has had blood tests this week to try and find the answer. We love this little dog to pieces and it breaks my heart to see her poorly.  

I had had a lovely week up till then, my big sister Lynn had been to stay, the weather was great we had gone to a few car boots and had a generally good time lots of nice chats, walks etc.  I had been busy making these bits for the V & H fair. Lots of lovely vintage scraps of fabric and lace and old photos.  I love finding odd bits and putting them together to tell a little story.  

This is one of my favourites, such devoted sisters.

This one, in a little old frame I painted white reminds me of a photo of my gran, it must have been a favourite pose of photographers in the thirties.  I should have just used the photo of my gran but this one was in lovely colour.

Some of E's relatives having a grand day out! I love the grungyness of this one.

I thought it might be nice to print these as cards?  

I have not got much work done at this week, having to go to the vet every day and just nursing the poor dog has been a big distraction but I did manage to get some more dolls made up ready to paint and some cushion covers started so lots to do. 

Also the day arrived last week when my Christmas present from E, that was started for Christmas 2007, was presented to me at about 11 o'clock at night.  It is FAB and made me cry so I MUST show you that.  I always cry at the presents E makes for me, not because they are bad I hasten to add but because he puts so much into them, some have little messages of love hidden in them, he is a big softie really!!  


claire Maraldo said...

Oh your poor little doggie. I hope she recovers soon.

Looking forward to seeing your work at V &H.

Micki Wilde said...

So sorry to here about your doggy attack, it's awful when that happens, my mini schnauzer (Storm) has had a couple of big dogs go for him before and it's terrifying!
I hope she is feeling better soon.

Your work is just gorgeous though, I love them all but my favourite piece is the such devoted sisters one, it definately has something special about it :)

Micki x

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Hi Jane, I was so fearful when I read what has happend to Midge poor little mite, I am sure with plenty of love and care you give him he will soon pick up. I have a JR cross, and bonnie never seems to have any fear when we are out she just goes running up to everything, even bigger dogs, it is a worry. But on a lighter note, I love the combination of vintage scraps & fabric with lace your using with the pictures, I like the sisters picture. best wishes Julie.C

Primchick said...

Love your art & mix media work, sorry to hear about your little dog, hope he's ok now...?
Marion ;0)

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

oh my goodness! Poor little Midge, that's so awful. Give him a big cuddle from me. I have two house rabbits and I am often amazed how resilient and tough little animals can be and how well they adapt to certain situations (better than humans sometimes!) and I'm sure your little Midge is one of them and will bounce back soon. My Millie's not been well for a few weeks either so I know what a worry it is and how much love, care and time they need.

I do love your vintage pieces. I hope you have a better week this week- sending lots of get well wishes to Midge.

Em x

Carolee said...

Oh, my heart skipped a beat when I read about your poor little pup! Jack Russels are so brave and fearless, but no match for an Alsation.

We have a few people here who let their dogs roam, and it can be so scary when one has a smaller dog on a leash. I was walking one of our Aussies last summer and ran into a stray pit bull, which just about scared the life out of me.

Sending up prayers for a quick recovery....

~ Carolee
PS - Your work is just lovely, and yes - they would make wonderful cards!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Poor little Midge! I hope she's getting better daily. (I also hope the other dog's pwner is paying all the vet's bills)

Your new creations are very pretty - looking forward to seeing all your new things soon!

Jayne (with sympathetic wags from Lucy & Toby)

Rose&Bird said...

Sorry to hear about poor Midge, hope she gets well again soon x

Love the new designs.

Helen Charlton said...

It is very traumatic having a poorly dog, they just are so helpless.Lots of TLC should do the job. Your pictures are beautiful, I love them.

heidi said...

poor darling little midgie,what a awful thing to happen jane,you must have been devestated.if any one upsets os i want to kill them,i always say i would rather it happened to me than my little man. i was upset enough when he grazed his chin the other day! i hope that she is recovering okay. we all send her lots of love & big fat kisses x x x x x x x x x x x

Julia said...


Oh I was so upset to hear what happened to your little pup - Im afraid I was part of a similar experience some years ago when my spaniel was attacted by a bull terrier - its all very shocking isnt it, and I hope your little Midge is soon recovered and feeling better.

I really like your work as well and agree that they would indeed make lovely cards!

Sending love
Julia xxx

Lyn said...

Oh your poor little doggie. I hope she make a full recovery soon.

A time to dance said...

Oh Jane I am so sorry about little midge, we are sending lots of positive thoughts to her....poor little mut have been awful for you ...your pictures would make wonderful postcards...i really like the 'Our day out'...I love the mixture of things in the picture especially the tape measure...we have some good news ...the holiday to cornwall is booked and top of our list is visiting you...take care sweetie..lots and lots of love ..Helen and Polly

Cowboys and Custard said...

I do feel for you Jane.. I cannot bear it when animals are hurt and in distress.. I treat my cat just like a child.. no wonder he is such a wuss!
I do hope your doggie makes a full recovery soon and can forget her ordeal... you too!
It is the one thing that worries me about owning a dog as we are keen to do one day when Mr C has semi-retired and we can move to the country..
I would go to pieces if our dog was attacked...
Michele xx

Pussycats and Angels said...

I am so upset to hear about your beautiful little girl. I can't bear the thought of how she must of felt, when it happened and not forgetting how you felt. Is the owner of the Alsatian going to pay your vet bills? I hope she makes a speedy recovery and the blood tests find an answer.
Your work is beautiful.
Hope to see you at the V&H Fair.
Warm Wishes
Julie :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there - just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it - so sorry to hear about your little dog tho. My heart goes out to both of you. Can I suggest that you carry a little plastic bottle in your pocket with a few stones in the bottom of it. If you encounter such an unfriendly dog in future a good sharp shake of the bottle should frighten it away without doing too much harm. xxx