Monday, June 29, 2009


I was really thrilled with all the comments left on my last post!  Reading all your memories bought back so many more of my own, I was surprised how many of you had similar times to us and in Cornwall, I wonder if I met any of you on a beach back in the 60's!  It has been really, really hard to choose a winner and in the end I narrowed it down to my favoutite seven and then got Mr Crow to do a lucky dip with his eyes shut as I could not decide.  Some of my faves were the buying of 'adventure supplies', waiters using pool water to put out a fire, coconut ice and fudge for breakfast and of course 'Sandy Balls'! Do have a read of them all.  But out of them all the one I related to totally was a little girl who was squashed into the car with only a little bit of window to see out of the whole journey and that little girl is LYN.  So Lyn all the goodies will be on their way to you soon.  Email me from my profile page and let me know your address.  I know what its like to be squashed in a car for long journeys I always had to sit on my sisters lap but spent the whole time stood up behind my dads seat with my nose to the little bit of window I was allowed to have open feeling car sick and sometimes being sick down my dads neck!! 

Hope you enjoy your prize Lyn.

MORE NEWS ON HOME SPUN FAIR..........You can now look on the blog for the fair by clicking on the link in my side bar.  Stall holders are being listed and more info and pics of the location will be on there in a bit as I am popping over to do a post now.  Come and have a look!


salty pebble said...

congratulations to Lyn! awwwww she's one lucky girl to get all ur beautiful arty things! ;0)
...and i agree all those hot summers stuck and squigged in the back on long car journeys must have been hard! so u deserve a prize hee hee ;0)xx
love the fabric collage! beautiful xx

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Well done Lyn I am sure she is going to enjoy her prize. And I am not surprised Jane that you had so many entries your work is so good. best wishes Julie.C

Lyn said...

Oh what can I say except many, many thanks-I'm one lucky lady arn't I?

A time to dance said...

Hi sweetie...Polly is wearing her necklace with pride, she went to her first gig on friday and wore looks fab thank you...we ave shown everyone our lovely books so I am trying not to be jealous of the and hugs H

Simone said...

Well done Lyn! What a fantastic prize. x