Friday, July 17, 2009

Mixed Bag!

I could not decide what to do a blog on this week so thought I would just waffle on about nothing in particular for a bit in the hope you might be interested enough to read on!  Where are the weeks going?  Here we are half way through July already, not long to Christmas now! I have been getting bits and pieces of work done for the Home spun Fair, I think my stand will be small but interesting!!!! 
We went here last week, Golitha falls on Bodmin Moor, it was raining (when hasnt it been the last couple of weeks!) and it was very gloomy and green and romantically creepy.  We got soaked but it was worth it, such a beautiful place.

This was the first time that we have been up onto the Moor, we will definitely go back but not till the autumn when there are not so many tourists around.  Now the summer holidays have started there are places that are no-go areas till September, it is like there are two Cornwalls, our Cornwall in the winter with wild empty beaches and then summer Cornwall when villages are full and beaches packed.  Not that I am complaining as I know how much we all rely on tourist trade for our livings but of the two I much prefer the quiet times.  

I have just been mad on sewing this week with my new/old machine zig-zagging away happily.  This piece based around this lovely photo is called 'What are little girls made of?'  I used bits of a torn quilt that Christine gave me, the colours in it are beautiful it must have been gorgeous when new and its faded to lovely subtle tones. I love all the torn edges and the bit in the bottom left hand corner was worn and torn and worked as a little pocket to put some vintage millinery flowers in, sweet.

This is my sewing table, a bit untidy after finishing 'Sail Away' which is all red, white and blue. I keep all my favourite old photos, scraps of lace, ribbon, buttons and fabric on here and try and only use it for planing and layering up new pieces.  I only recently made this area for sewing stuff and its nice to be able to leave it all out like this.  

Thought I would bung in a pic of some little things in a little old cigar box that has sweet little flowers on, I love old cigar boxes. 

The sun came out this afternoon!!!!  So this is where we were at 3 o'clock, where were you, and was the sun shining?  Hope the sun shines on you this weekend, have a good one.


Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

That is a lovely place to take bonnie for a walk we enjoy walks like this. I do like your picture this is a lovely keepsake to have. What a bunch of cheeky creatures in the cigar box, I do like the way you have displayed it. My walk this morning was not as early as you, but bonnie and I had a big green field to ourselves. best wishes Julie.C

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hello Jane,

I know what you mean about the murky damp weather! Walking through the woods with the Boodle yesterday afternoon was a Wilkie Collins moment!

Counting the days until we are back in Cornwall! Longing for the coastal walks and days out on the water........... only a week and a bit to go!
Sarah x

Sam said...

How cute is your sewing table! Love all your bits and pieces, I'm a bit of a collector too and love old toys and old things!

heidi said...

hi jane,pretty please can we see a close up picture of 'sail away',it looks just up my street?!! i wish i had been where you were at 3.oopm!! love & hugs heidi.x

Margaret said...

great waffling Jane! lovely post! especially the pic of your sewing table, makes me feel quite at home!

Flower Girl said...

Love your sewing table! Who can fail to be cheered by beautiful blue skies and the sight of the sea?! Rebecca x

A time to dance said...

your room looks wonderful...I wold love a good snoop around it...I especially love the wonderful cigar box full of are so and hugs H

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Jane

It is nice to see a bit of sunshine at last. I am in Somerset on Mendip Hills where it has been rain, rain & more rain. Tonight I am sitting at my desk looking out of the window enjoying a little ray of sunshine. Nice looking selection of things on your table!
Isabelle x

Carolee said...

What a lovely post, and beautiful photos! I see why you have so many tourists - your part of the world looks so inviting. :)

~ Carolee

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hello Jane! so deperate to get to the "Fair" we have a double engagement on the 2nd so I am praying I can get to Porthscatho before all the goodies go!

really hope to see you there!
Love Sarah x

Michela said...

Hi Jane! Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures!
Can't wait to see you stand (virtually of course!)

Handmade in Israel said...

Justn discovered your blog and your beautiful work. Looks like you had a wonderful day out!

gunnelsvensson said...

Just found your lovely blog! I will return!

Cavania said...

Lovely sewing table, I really need to clear a corner and get a bit more organised. Thanks for the sewing table inspiration.

Kim said...

Hi Jane, I wish my sewing table was as organised as yours, my whole sewing room is a pig sty.
I love your photo's - we live near York and during the summer hols especially, it is a total no go area because of all the tourists.
Kim xx

Julia said...

I was looking at the last picture in your post today for a long time, drinking in that spectacular view and the wild sea, its done nothing but rain for the last few weeks here, big torrential downpours so it was a delight to see your photograph today!

Julia xxx

Lyn said...

I am planning to make a collage for my mum's 70th birthday in December. Do you stitch actual photographs to yours?

Mad Aunt Bernard said...

Beautiful post! Such a nice blog to visit!! There is an award for you over at mine if you accept high accolades from a warty old woman in a sack....x