Friday, December 11, 2009

This takes the basket!

Last night me Mr Crow and a few friends went to Lostwithiel to the Christmas Dickens evening where all the shops stay open for the evening and the shopkeepers dress up in Victorian clothes and ply you with mulled wine, cake and mince pies. Have no photos I am afraid but I bought this little basket from one of the antique market stands, I think its a Cath Kidston one and it only cost £5 and is just right for little Midge who had a lovely snooze in it this afternoon after a gorgeous long walk round St Anthony's head this morning. She is modeling a little jumpie that she wears around the house as she feels the cold and she is spoilt!

I am gradually introducing Christmas into the house now, I dont like to go too mad till about a week before but thought its time to start swapping cushions and things for more festive colours. Boris likes this hand stitched Hungarian cushion, I just have to watch he doesnt claw it!

I bought some old American school books on etsy last week, only took about three days to get here from the U.S. I am cutting them up for collage's as they are a bit tatty and have used some of the winter pages to make Christmas hangings to cheer up door knobs and things. Only wish we would have some snow this Christmas.

I am off this weekend to the Giant Flea at Shepton Mallet, really looking forward to it, hope to find some pressies and some vintage christmas stuff to dec the halls with. Have a good weekend everyone.


Yasmin said...

So beautiful your dog and your kitten.. they are CUT!!.

Big hugs
Yasmin :)

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Jane!
I'm off to the Shepton Flea also - so exciting! I am hoping for ever so many last minute gifts to materialise there!
Denise x

heidi said...

Hello my lovely!
Bless little midge in her woolie,osi has one simular with matching scarf,our little furry babies are sooo posh!!
Have fun at the fair & find lots of lovely goodies.
Sending you lots of love & hugs. xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lucky Midge! she looks so snug in her new basket. Sadly I can't make it to Shepton as we finally have the Aga man coming to fix the Aga on Sunday (it's only taken 3 months - hope it actually works this time!)


Autumn Mist said...

Brilliant idea with the book covers. Your dog and cat look very cosy, don't they? Have a great time at the Shepton flea market, inspire us with some new goodies soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello I just found your blog recently and love it.
I am so jealous of your life in England as I sit here in New Hampshire, New England, USA. I would just love to go for a Christmas Dickens Evening but would absolutely die for a weekend at the Brympton House. How lovely. These are just dreams of mine to live in an English country cottage (or Manor, as long as I am dreaming) Thanks so much for sharing your everyday life. I cant wait to read more of your posts.

Annie said...

Midge is so cute, the basket and blanket look really snug. Enjoy the flea market, I only wish I lived a bit nearer.
Ann x

Clare said...

Hi the basket looks great what a bargain! Hope to see you at the Flea..if you see me give me a shout!!

Sal said...

Nice to see Midge and Boris are living in style!
And I love the Pic from the school book!

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Hi there, Love Midge in the basket, we have a trio of different terriers who have various jumpers and baskets with vintage cusions and blankets. You will see them on my blog if you have chance to look!
I had hoped to go to Shepton with my mum, however it will have to wait until the next one as my mum has a "bakers cyst" in her knee & can't walk!
Have a lovely time.

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Midge is looking well and very snug in his basket,that was a great find at the price. The market sounds like a good day out and I hope you pick up some great bargains. best wishes Julie.C

A time to dance said...

How I wish I could give dear Midge and Boris a cuddle, I have done my last fair more too much pressure and stress...thank you so much for the letter ...what a treat...will be in touch soon...lots and lots of cuddles to all...H & little P...she sold one of her own hand made bags!!!

BusyLizzie said...

Great to see you yesterday at the Flea, hope you enjoyed it despite the crowds & sub zero temperatures outside! brrrrr. Lizzie x

Linda Jo said...

I love old school books...especially the ones in bad shape so I can feel great about tearing out the pages!!! Love your hanging piece.

Carolee said...

Midge and Boris look so cozy!! And your Dickens evening sounds lovely - mulled wine and mince pies - yum!

Love the door hangers too. :)

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

~ Carolee

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi Jane,

I am heading down to your beautiful neck of the woods for Christmas next week, but as I write this it is beginning to snow! hOORAY!

lOVELY door hanging, enjoy the rest of your Christmas Preparations,

Sarah x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Jane
I think I can hear the slight flutter of snowflakes as I type this.. but probably just wishful thinking!
I love Midge's little smoking jacket.. maybe I should knit one for Pickles.. I think he needs a balaclava to keep his ears warm in this perishing weather.
You know you like swapsies? Well fancy swapping homes? Yours looks so inviting and stylish.
Hope you had a good time at Shepton.. I would love to have come along..but family duty called. Did you find any giant fleas?
Michele xx

Renaissance Grace said...

Hi Jane ,
That return to Brympton invite is 14th Feb 2010 for the launch of in the Ballroom. Hope you can make it!!
Don't forget The Turn of the screw 30th Dec
Now go and Dec The Halls I'll need you to do Brympton's Halls next year get practising!!!
Speak soon
Take care Susanxx