Thursday, April 29, 2010

What time do you go to the dentist? Tooth-hurty!

I have felt like this little fellow this week. On Saturday night while brushing my teeth before bed, a great lump of one of my wisdom teeth fell out! A bit of a shock as you can imagine. So after an uncomfortable Sunday I went with dread to see a dentist on Monday morning, he was surprised I was not in agony as the tooth was very decayed inside and said it had to come out. Now I am not the bravest person at the dentist in fact I have not been for 15 years so this was my worst nightmare come true. I made an appointment for the following morning but the dentist called later to say he had a cancellation would I like to come in at 2.30 (!) he thought I would rather get it over with and not have a sleepless night (he is a very nice man). After reassuring me it would not take long, "Just a flick of the wrist" I spent a horrific hour in the chair while he attempted every means possible to extract the reluctant tooth from my jaw bone! He said he only had two or three like mine in a year where the tooth is SO attached to the bone, just my blooming luck! All sorts of different instruments were tried by the end I would not have cared if he had whacked it out with a shovel, I just wanted it out. With one last horrible crunch the nurse assured me it was out and started to mop the blood off my face, on leaving the two people in the waiting room looked a bit glum, possibly my squeals and groans had got to them. I felt pretty dreadful the rest of the day and cannot chew very well yet still, but at least it should be OK for the V&H fair, I was dreading having a swollen face and not able to talk very well. I have to go back next week for an old filling to be replaced and a couple of tiny ones but other wise I got off lightly, I dont think I will leave it 15 years again!

On to nicer things, this sweet little pram is coming with me to the fair. I could not resist taking a photo of Midgie trying it out for me. I wheeled her about the kitchen in it but I dont think she liked it very much, its just right for a teddy or a dolly. The lady I bought it off had it when she was a little girl in the 50s. I have lots of other vintage treasures and some little bits I have made to tempt you so do come and say Hi and have a look. See lots of you on Saturday, have safe journeys. XX


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

That little pram is just darling!!! And so is the pup! ;)

I am sooo sorry about your tooth! My hubby broke a tooth a couple weeks ago after having suffered a nasty toothache for quite some time. He had a root canal, now needs the remainder of the tooth extracted next week. We (well, my hubby actually) knows just what you're going through!

Unknown said...

Oooh ouch! Yikes I can't stand going to the dentist! Oooh!
Look at that sweet little dog, ahhhhh! Suzie x


Oh, dear! Nothing worse than an over confident dentist. Maybe a wee dram of what you fancy, for medicinal puposes will help. Love the pushchair pi. :)
Lesley X

Unknown said...

poor you...I hate Dentists...Well I hate bad teeth I guess. I fee for ya and glad it is out. I wouldn't wish tooth pain on anyone. I would rather give birth...That's the truth!!!! Love the pram by the way...Mica

VintageVicki said...

Ouch - you poor thing. That dentist trip reminds me of having one of my wisdom teeth out - put me off dentists for life :(

Hope you feel ok and have a wonderful weekend at the Fair - oh I wish I live nearer :)

salty pebble said...

best wishes on your toothy pegs!
i hate dentists and try not to go too often either hehe...;0(
but...i should really make a check up appointment to make sure all is well in the mouth hehe.

Enjoy the V&H fair i would have been going but my sisters just had a baby girl so we cant make it ;0)xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh you have my upmost sympathy Jane..
I had a similar experience with a naughty tooth last year..
The dentist practically knelt on my chest to pull out the offending tooth.. but the relief of being rid of it was immense!
Just smile on Saturday.. that's all you need to do.
Look forward to seeing you !!
Michele x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

The dentist! Dreadful! Poor you. Hope you'll feel much better for tomorrow's V & H Fair. Have a good time. Best wishes, Lesley

Micki Wilde said...

OUCH!! I hate teethy problems, I have a wisdom tooth that is problematic and the dentist keeps saying I should have it out but i'm a big wuss when it comes to the dentist :(
I hope you recover quickly.

Micki x

Jess said...

Sorry to hear about your tooth, how brave you've been!
That's a lovely little pushchair. I haven't seen one like that since I was a child and they were pretty old fashioned then! They still hold a certain magic for me. Have a lovely time on saturday.xx

Autumn Mist said...

I had exactly the same thing a few weeks ago with a wisdom tooth. I had to have 4 injections before the area was numb. It'll be a while before I put myself through that again! Hope all goes well for the fair.

Anonymous said...

I'm so annoyed I can't come to the fair :( Please take lots of picies for me so I can put them up on the blog! Sadie xxx

BusyLizzie said...

you poor thing.. ouch! See you tomorrow & hope you can manage some cake.. ha ha

A time to dance said...

When I had my wisdom teeth out I went into hospital. When I came out I had a hand and a knee shaped bruise on my chest where he had pushed for leverage

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Jane

Sorry you had tooth-hurty problems. I wonder how many people actually 'twig' if their appointment is at half-past 2!!!!!

I still have my pushchair (from 1958). The chrome could do with a polish but otherwise it's in extremely good condition as it turned out I didn't really play with dolls, or the pushchair, except when I was poorly. Not sure what I did instead, but the dolls only had an airing when I was off school!

Lovely to see you yesterday. Hope you had a good journey home. See you in August.

Sue x

Happy Harris said...

hahaha! I have just bought one of those prams! and have wondered if max would like a ride in it! he probably wont...but he will look just as cute as your little luverley! so I will be bribing him to have a go soon hehehe! Ill probably blog about itas well!

did you end up selling it? I cant bare to part with vintage toys - I buy them wherever I go! much to my hubbies disgust!!

Love your banner by the way!

Love Happy xx

Eugenie Velasquez said...

I'm sorry that the dentist had a hard time getting your errant tooth out, and therefore you had a hard time too! You're right – it's definitely not a good idea to leave a dental problem unaddressed for 15 years! I'm sure you take really good care of your teeth though, but sometimes, there are things that are out of our control. That's why it's important to listen to dentists' advice about our teeth. I hope you haven't had more dental problems since this tooth came out!