Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Soon to be appearing....

Homespun is creeping up on us quickly now and I have started to get together lots of goodies for my stall. This time I am going to be selling mainly small pieces of furniture if I can get enough together in time and do them up. Saying that there will be other little treats like this gorgeous vintage pin cushion mouse and some fabric bundles.
A lucky find were these Welso doll house kitchen appliances, the fridge still has its cool boxes and milk bottles.

Also this toy german tin toy tea set with its pretty transfer print.

This truck would be great for giving teddies a ride.

A few of the jigsaws that will be coming along, there will be more from my collection joining them. I love wooden jigsaws, the farm one in the box at the back is a beauty with lots of animals that stand up so you can play with them and its in really thick wood so feels very substantial.

A great old hat box.

Dinky little plate wrack.

Not sure weather to repaint the green cupboard or just replace the stained paper on the front, it has sweet little china handles. The dresser I have had for a while but thought it was time to let it go, I need to make some new doors for the base. Its quite big for a toy one and great as a display.

Two toy cots in need of some bedding, I love the older one at the back you can lift the side up and down like a real one and its such a lovely colour, all original.

A group of little bits, my favourite being the hand painted 1930s toy bed on the left it is so sweet and I have just the right bit of vintage fabric to make some quilts for it. The little 1930s tea set is a lovely yellow, shame it has a couple of cups missing but the teapot is so lovely.
Well thats a few of the bits you will find with me at Homespun hope you will be able to come along to what will be a great day. Visit the blog to see who and what else will be there.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes.
And finally do look out as I feel a giveaway coming on so come back next time and see what you could win!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Those old toys are just CHARMING! I especially love the little tin kitchen pieces! ;)

heidi said...

Hi jane,
Sorry i some how missed your birthday post,so a happy belated birthday my lovely!
Looks like you had a great time.
Love & hugs heidi,john,tai & osi.xxxx

hens teeth said...

Can't wait x


Ho my. I adore all the vintage toys, specialy the cot and the kitchen set.. wish i could come to your fair, come and do one in Yorkshire.. best wishes,Linda.

A time to dance said...

Everything looks so lovely Jane, I know I always say this but your car boots etc are so much better than ours... do you have skype..wouldnt it be fun to communicate like that! love H
ps thank you for your last lovely message.....

Vintage from the Village said...

Hi Just discovered your great blog via Textile Treasure Seeker.
I keep telling myself not to follow any more as seem to be adding to the list every day but I will do !
I am in South Devon by the way so fairly near x

Cowboys and Custard said...

It's enough to make me cry Jane..So totally up my street!!!

Lovely stuff.. look forward to fondling it at the fair.

Michele xxxx

Jess said...

Such treasures! I love the little german teaset.xx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Nice to see your goodies Jane - I love the green cupboard and would be tempted not to paint it as the colour is so very pleasing. Thanks for following. Bye for now, Lesley

Helen said...

Oooh, what lovely pretties!! Will look forward to meeting you in Totnes as I'll be there too.

Busy Lizzie said...

fab goodies Jane, the kitchen set is actually Brimtoy, see this link for prices! http://www.ktminiatures.com/Brimtoy.html
might be helpful?! Lizzie x

marĂ­a cecilia said...

Hola Jane, so lovely home and garden you have, everything is so lovely at your place!!!
Greetings from Chile,
maria cecilia

Pan said...

I love everything! the old toys, the hat box, the little pieces of furniture and the sweet little plate rack!