Wednesday, January 26, 2011

About nothing in particular

Not really got a theme to this post but thought it about time I posted something. So starting off with a photo of my boy, who having stolen my chair made himself comfy! Budge out the way Bobby I want to get on with my blog. But got to kiss that tummy first!

I am feeling very pleased that I have finished both our tax returns and today with a sigh of contentment I returned to my painting, which is a bit of a whopper at 90cm square, I have only drawn it out so far but longing to get some paint on the canvas in the morning. I will show you it when its on its way, it should be a nice one if it goes to plan, it has a seaside theme to it and is destined for a gallery in Falmouth.

Just finished this painting last week and took it straight to a gallery in Lynton, North Devon who are starting to sell my work. I love the old bit of fabric I used for her dress it had a transfer pattern on it and I filled it in with wonderful gold paint by Golden who do the most marvelous acrylic paints. I love toy animals on wheels so this girl has her horsey although she is wishing for a real one, just like I did as a child.

I bought this lovely german toy cow at Shepton this weekend and he has already made friends with the little horse I got there last time. Both made out of papier mache and only 5 inches high.

And well, I said this was a post not about anything in particular, here is my nature table tray that on the cupboard in the hall. Its where I pop all the beach treasure out of my pockets.

Have a good week everyone.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love your new painting Jane! Good luck with the big canvas. x

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Love the kitty, love the painting, love the antique toys!

June said...

Love the papier mache cow and horse - what lovely finds.


Hi, Not sure which I love most, Bobby or that caw? Well, Bobby actually. What a handsome boy! Thanks for featuring NM 2&3 info. Well done re Country Living feature. It all looks great.
Love Lesley XX

salty pebble said...

wowza lovely painting!!
i love all the vintage toys on wheels, i saw two in a local market, a lion and dog but they were very pricey...but after id looked again they'd been sold to very lucky-full pocket buyers ;0)
i love your beach combing tray and glass pieces, i lost an old dear friend last year and her daughter is sending me some of the blue beach combing glass we used to collect on the east coast together when i was a child.

thanks for sharing- so enjoy your postings ;0)x

Mamma Moon said...

New follower here! I`m so happy to have found your blog!
Your kitty is so adorable =^^= <3
And I love your artwork! ^^v

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! xx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous!!! Loved the Country Living article, so inspiring... xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

fab painting and love your nature table treasures :-)

noelle said...

Love the picture of the girl and her horse and adore your cat!!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Love the little cow & horse & your painting of course!

Jenny at Red House said...

I absolutely dream of having one of your pictures to keep all for myself, just love your style! got my tax return done as well, hurrah! jennyx

Sandies' Patch said...

I'd like to kiss his tummy too! (mad cat lover that I am), he's a gorgeous feline!
Love the painting! It has a 'New England style about it to me anyway!
I quite like the work of Warren Kimball but, that's only 'cos the first pics I saw of his work were all sea related or floral!
I'd love some fabric like the little girl's dress too!

I expect it will sell pretty quick.

Sandie xx

A time to dance said...

That is an amazing picture of the fluffy so funny...Alfie is very similar and Pete when he has had a few....its soooooo cold here...I am sat by the fire finishing my crotchet blanket so guess what my next post will be about.....

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh Jane lovely to hear from you and see those beautiful wooden toys on wheels, wow they are so gorgeous, did you see the one I posted about?

I am so ready for my Cornwall fix, it has been too long, I shall be on my way in about 3 weeks and am counting down the days,

Happy Sunday,

Sarah x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Jane, your painting is gorgeous!!! So sweet, just like YOU!

And your pull toys....I am in love. Totally wonderful and very nostalgic!

Love your basket of beach finds. How lucky to be so close to the ocean~!!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

PS: Bobby is quite the handsome chap! If cats could talk he would be saying, "What?!" So demure.....


Katie said...

Lovely post...and Bobby is very handsome indeed. I thought the Country Living article was brilliant, really enjoyed reading it! Katie x

Jill said...

Your painting looks great it is always good when you find somewhere to sell your work.
Jill xx

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

I remember your work Jane your painting is lovely.
I lost your link don't know how, so its been awhile since my last visit. best wishes Julie.C

Blondie's Journal said...

Hi Jane!

I am visiting from Sweet Cottage Dreams and I am so glad for the have a lovely blog and I am so happy to follow along. Your painting is wonderful. I also like the little kitty. I have a small dog that lies back like that...we call her a meer cat! lol!


DEBBIE said...

Your paintings are gorgeous!
And I love your old toys too!


jerilanders said...

I recognize that fellow on the couch, he has an American cousin living in my house.
I too love antique animals on wheels, my best one is a donkey, they are not easy to find!

Alchamillamolly said...

I like your nothing in particular post. I have just been catching up with my magazines and it was so lovely to see you ladies whose blogs I read 'in the flesh'. How lovely to meet like you do and to be able to sew and make in the company of others like yourselves. I envy you.

Carolee said...

Beautiful kitty and beautiful painting! Love the toys as well. :)

It's been awhile since I visited, but I was reminded yesterday upon picking up a copy of the British edition of Country Living magazine yesterday! What a wonderful article, and so nice to put a face to the art. Oh, and your studio looks amazing! :)

~ Carolee

Deb said...

What an enchanging blog you have. I love it. I am a cat lover so of course I noticed your lovely boy. I am your new follower from Carleton Place, Ontario Canada

Tamsyn said...

A lovely post :) Your painting is gorgeous :) Will look out for your work next time I am in Falmouth, (son at art college there) The papier mache cow and horse are also gorgeous.

Cowboys and Custard said...

It is always a real treat to visit your blog Jane.. Your work and latest finds make my heart a flutter every time!
Beautiful painting.. I can see you have been putting your time to good use.
As for Boris.. can't resist that scrummy tummy..

Michele x

Ben said...

Great art. I just started following, would love a follow back.

Lyn said...

Hello Jane, not heard from you for a while, hope everything is ok? I love the painting on this post.
Just thought I would let you know I have just got the painting you sent to me, out of storage and propped it up on my new shelves in my workroom, when it is all tidy I will post a photo of it.(I won it on your giveaway AGES ago!)

Anonymous said...

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Judith Logan said...

Where do you find such nice vintage stuff? I`m trying to make my own collection for possible use in future artwork, but there aren`t any vintage fairs where I live. A lot of stuff is really cheap rubbish.