Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Blog

Here is the painting seen in my last post, finished at last and to find out some exciting news do go over to my new blog Jane Winton's Artwork and find out all about it!


Unknown said...

I love your paintings!!! They are soooo beautiful and really make me smile! One of my favorite colors is red and I love how you use it in your paintings! Thankyou for sharing them!!!!
Chris :o)

Cliff Bench said...

Very much liking the new painting.

ted and bunny said...

jus popping over to look at the new blog now!

Jess said...

I think this is my favourite out of all your paintings! I love the colour, the atmosphere, fantastic!
Jess x

Anonymous said...

Bought one of your paintings at the Hampstead Affordable Art Fair this weekend, "Cecilia and her penguin". It is for the nursery and I simply had to have it. I hope my unborn little girl grows to love it as much I do.

Country Rabbit said... just off to check out your new blog and artworks ;0)x

x Kazzy x

(p.s i used to be 'A mermaids purse' blog)