Monday, December 8, 2008

Jewellery up for grabs!

Good morning, hope you all had a great weekend, seems as if most of you are decking the halls and decorating trees like mad!  Here are a few pieces of jewellery for you to look at and a couple of lovely little embroideries (not inc P&P) that need a new home. All the prices in this post include P&P.

Noddy charm bracelet on silver plated chain. All the charms are made from original Noddy Book illustrations between glass and solder a sweet tinkly bracelet yours for  £45.

Noddy necklace on silver chain, this hangs nicely and attracts attention!  £30.

From Noddy book, these lovely little bunnies and a bit of text. £24

Noddy Nugget necklace on silver chain. £10 each.

Noddy nugget charm bracelet.  Also has charms and vintage buttons, very sweet. ££49

Cutie Pies. Collage between microscope slides, really sweet and they are decorated on the back too! £26 each

Sold thank you

Seaside necklaces, these are really special. I cut up test tubes and fill them with tiny shells and sea glass that I find on the beaches here, then I add charms with vintage glass and mother of pearl buttons, each piece is unique.  £39.


Stretchy silver link charm bracelet loaded with charms with a garden theme and charms I made from vintage buttons and beads. (took me ages!). £35

Lovely framed embroidery, the rhyme reads: In a garden green and gay, All my troubles fade away, Sweet contentment here I find, Joy of heart and peace of mind. The frame is painted in white gloss that has faded down a bit and looks nice and shabby.  £20 not inc P&P.
Below a nice cross stitch in wool I think in a gold metal frame. £20 not inc P&P.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Jane, everything is as adorable as can be!! You do such lovely work and I just love the whimsy of each piece.


heidi said...

me again,sent you a email i feel another purchase coming on!!love love love the seaside pendants!!xx

MelMel said...

Oh wow adorable blog! love the picture!xxx

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I love every single thing!!!! I do mean every S I N G L E T H I N G !!! OMG how talented you are and what wonderfully whimsical deliciousness do you have going on here?? There is such yumminess that I have never even seen before. I am in love! Just know that will be drooling all over my computer screen when I come to visit. This is simply WONDERFUL. I am so blessed that you would stop by my little blog and leave a comment. Honestly the pleasure is indeed al mine. Thanks so much for taking time out your wonderfully whimsical world of beauty to visit my blog. I have signed on to watch you. I need to know if you take credit cards too? This is to marvelous for words. Thanks so much for sharing Jane. You are so very inspiring and very talented.

Cowboys and Custard said...

I love these pieces.. all of it!!!
I will have to drop a few heavy hints to Santa I think!!!

Michele xx

Amy C said...

oh I love noddy, I used to have a really old Noddy brooch and I lost it I was so upset.
Incredible work Jane these are amazing.
I am so happy you stopped by my blog.

Janet said...

Oh wow, thanks for the comment! I am so glad to have found you. I love love love the Noddy bracelets but bit gutted I have already chosen all my Christmas presents this year. I will ponder for a while over them though. Will go and read through your older posts and while away some time as I am putting off doing a large commission.. getting started is always the hard bit, once I'm going its fun fun fun.
Thanks again, am sure we will speak again soon x

do you mind if i knit said...

I've just found your blog! It's like finding treasure! I love your jewellery, and your papier-mache............. I can see I'm going to have to sit down with a cup of tea and have a really good browse of your wonderful blog! Vanessa