Monday, February 9, 2009

A Happy Day!

 Most of you out there have had plenty of snow but down here in Cornwall we were only lucky enough to have one days worth!  There are not many things I love more than snow, yes I know to most people it is a real inconvenience but if you don't need to go out anywhere and you've enough food, drink and you can keep warm what can be better than a day of snow?  The snow came in the night and fell soft so that it stayed on all the trees and we woke up to a dazzling winter wonderland.....I got out there as soon as I could with my camera as I knew it wouldn't last the way the sun was shinning and I will now bore you with yet more pictures of snow, like you haven't seen enough of it!

Everywhere I looked was a photo opportunity! This is looking along the valley by the river to the woods.

The woodshed by our front gate.

Looking up the lane.

Over toward Golden Woods. (shame about the telegraph pole)

This is through the two glass panels in the top of our front door, I have always loved the view out of these windows the patterns of the trees always changing through the year.

Now I have got that out of my system, Im sorry I could not blog last week, our internet connection has been really bad for about the last 10 days and kept going off after we had only been on line about a minute, very frustrating.  

So I want to thank the lovely, lovely Helen over at A Time to Dance for another award, thanks Helen. I hope I can now spend some time visiting all my favourite blogs and catch up on what you are all doing. 

And finally HELLO SARA!!


Renee said...

Glad to hear it. I love snow too and thank goodness because I am surrounded by it. Although today we could not leave the house as the streets were sheets of ice.

The picture through your front door was brilliant.


A time to dance said...

what lovely photos, it only works with a brilliant blue sky...which unfortunately we havent had...yesterday the drive to work was amazing...a dusting on all the actually made my horrid drive down the ring road in the little green van magical...great to hear from lovely friend...H

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Hello Jane, Keep the snow photos coming I love the snow, you have taken some really good shots. I like the first one and the window panels thats quite original, but if I did that through my windows it would not be as good I'm ashamed to say they need a good clean at the moment. best wishes Julie.C

Country Cottage Chic said...

All the snow pictures in blogland have been so lovely - I never tire of looking at them!

Anonymous said...


Love pic of trees through your front door window.

ps. WACKO!!

love sara

Poppy said...

I’m glad it’s not just me I love snow, everything looks so much prettier!
You have taken some gorgeous pictures!
Love Lou xxx

Lyn said...

Lovely snowy pictures, I love the snow, I am like a big kid in wonderland, we did not get any snow where I grew up, well not much so I more than make up for it now!


walter and me said...

Lovely snow pics! Snow in Cornwall feels very even made it to West Penwith! Like you, I wish it had stayed a little longer.

Pipany said...

Hello Jane. I found your blog via Diana of Pebbledash (who I am meeting up with his morning for a coffee...woohoo!)

I live in Cornwall too, on the South coast, though I grew up on the North. Whereabouts are you?
The snow was amazing and such as rarity here. Glad you got to enjoy it. Off for a read through your blog now x

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is so out of one of the greatest story books. I can just imagine little red walking in the snow. Wow these are just great. I enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks so much for your very encouraging words and joyful spirit!!! You make me smile so big!! I'm sending you the same today. With lots of happiness, giggles and well wishes!
Hugs all around.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Beautiful beautiful Jane...
I adore snow and everyone's snowy pics has something different to offer....
I love the window shot... it would make a great print!
I can't remember ever seeing snow in Cornwall but when my parents lived there.. they recalled someone skiing down the hill in to the village on a rare snowy day..