Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trip out to Tintagel and other things.

Other things first. This little lady,Daisy, lost one of her nine lives last week when she unwittingly ate some rat poison!  That is to say she ate something that had eaten poison. Unbeknown to us there had been rat poison put down in the outbuildings next to the house, luckily I spotted the signs and whisked her to the vet where she had to spend two nights, poor little thing she is such a tiny girl compared to her brother and always seems so fragile.  We didnt sleep for those two nights but thankfully she came through it and a week later you would not think she had been so poorly.  But how do you tell a cat to not do it again!  It would have broken our hearts to lose her, poison is such an awful thing I would never use it, better to trap them if you do have to get rid of rats at least its quick.  

On to Tintagel now, we had a lovely trip over to the castle, we had never been all the time we have been coming here and living here.  It was a nice day, bit chilly but bright and there was hardly anyone else there so we got a real feel for the place.  What a place to have lived, lovely in the summer but I wouldnt fancy it on a cold stormy winters night!  We were trying to figure out how they managed to build it on those really high cliffs and how many people fell while doing it.  

This is the main part where the great hall was, on the right.

View through a window in one of the only bits of wall left. I wouldnt mind waking up to that in the morning!

Ooh eeerrr. A long way down, and the steps a bit scary.

View both ways, lovely and wild up here on the north coast.

View out of the front door! You wouldnt want to carry your shopping up here!  We enjoyed wandering about the site and wished that there was more of the buildings left as it was hard to really imagine just what it was like. Recommend a visit but not for tiny children or the unsteady.

And now for something completely different.  Last week this lovely lady, Diane, came round with a mutual friend, Sue who introduced me to her a while ago with a view to her taking some courses for us.  She makes amazing rag rugs and wanted to show me some of her work and have a look round the space we have here. I am glad to say the she has agreed to do some teaching for us, she is such an interesting person and a real sweety.  She very kindly showed me how to hook a rug when I went round to her house a couple of days later. I did mean to take my camera but forgot and wish I had as her home is packed with her work and lots of other lovely stuff, a treat for another blog soon!  Well I am now Hooked! Excuse the pun and am cracking on with my own bits that I will show you when there is more of it finished, its great fun and at last I have something I can do while watching TV of an evening.

This is Diane, NOT ME (I do not like to appear in photos), with one of her recent pieces, based on a lovely memory of being kissed in the snow and feeling lovely!  Aahh.

And who wouldnt love a tea cosy like this!?  This is one of the project she will be teaching on the courses. Sue the mutual friend is also running some great courses for us too.

Do have a look at our courses website as we now have a diary of all the courses running this year.  There are some really brill things going on including a Teddy making course with Jayne of Country cottage chic!  Go on pop in and have a peep.  


Micki Wilde said...

oh your poor cat, that must of been awful, rat poison is horrible stuff!

Tintagel is beautiful I went there whilst on my honeymoon, unfortunately it had been raining quite heavy and was too slippy to go on all the steps but still beautiful from a distance though!

Micki x

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

I am so glad Daisy pulled through, and yes I agree with you on rat poison there must be more safe ways to do this. Visiting historic buildings and castles is something I love to do when we are off out in our caravan, those are great photos.
I have tried rug making it is fun isn't it, I do like the one you are holding up that is nice. best wishes Julie.C

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh Jane you make me want to pack up my bags and get on a plane right now!!!!! Oh want to come there so badly and meet you! OMG!!! I'm happy that kitty is doing much better. Poor darling. That must have been really scary for the both of you. She is a doll or he. he he he he! I so enjoyed the picture and those stairs are just a thrill to look at. Thanks for coming round my friend. It's always, always a pleasure to hear from you my friend. By the way, I loved the picture of you holding the tapestry! You are a beautiful soul! Have a wonderful week.

Janet said...

I haven't visited Tintagel before but will be sure to next time I'm down there. Sorry not been very good at communicating recently, big belly stopping blogging at the moment but I do keep visiting, bye for now x

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

What a lovely day out you had!

I'm so glad your little cat is recovering well- one of my rabbits was poorly a few weeks ago and it's so upsetting when your pet is ill. Thankfully she's better now too :)

Niki Jackson said...

I'm glad your kitty pulled through! Niki xxx

A time to dance said...

Hello sweetie...send big cuddles to the poorly puss from Polls and I ...cats are silly...well mine is...I remember going to Tintagel with Pete and Polls and I needed the iron lung when I got to the top...Pete freaked at the thought of going near the edge and wouldnt let Polly any where near...its a really magical place and the cornish pasties at the little shop at the top of the hill...ooooh they made a very lasting impression on my family....the rug lady looks lovely..I once made a rag rug with a peg...the old fashioned way..my mum used to make them as a girl...boy that was a labour of love...cant wait to see your finished project...love and hugs from the lambert girls....

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm glad Daisy is better,what a worry. Tintagel looks great, dont think I've ever been, I must!
Rag rug making looks fun, think I'll have to book on a course! I keep saying that dont I, as all the courses look good (Hmmmm!).