Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello everyone, I hope you are all managing to  enjoy this wonderful weather?  Well it is lovely here, the sun has been shining all day and I had a wonderful walk around St Antony's Head this afternoon (for pics of this stunning location have a look at 'let me take you on a favourite walk', March) the sea was turquoise blue with yachts at anchor by the little beach, a gentle breeze kept me cool and the air was salty and sweet, wonderful!
Thank you all for your best wishes on our Anniversary, we did not manage to get out and celebrate, as it was bank holiday weekend it was just so busy everywhere but we are planning to soon.  E is off on the Scilly Isles again for a few days, looks like he is going to have good weather.  He deserves a good rest, he works so hard at a job he hates and is heading for a really busy time next month so this will do him good.  When he comes back I am off  to my brothers in Devon to look after his animals while they go away. I am looking forward to it, they have a dog, a cat, 75 sheep and some chickens so I will be skipping round the fields feeding the pretty lambs, some are pet ones, walking the dog and cuddling the cat!  Before they go away we are all going to the Shepton Mallet antiques fair which should be great. I have saved the money I made at Christines last month and hope to have a really good spend on useless pretty things!!
Thought I would show you a couple of things I have found at car boots the last couple of weeks.  I went to one last Thursday and was there were hardly any sellers there but I was delighted to find two cases of old school posters. One is geography with interesting pics of industry and farming and ships the other is this lovely Enid Blyton Nature Plates that are illustrated by Eileen Soper who drew the pictures for a lot of Enid Blyton books.  A lot of them have children or fairies in others are full of birds or animals, the colours are lovely and they are in good condition and only about four are missing.  I will be taking these along to the V&H fair to sell and might get a few framed up.

Isn't this sweet?

Love this one, there is a farmer  near Portscatho who still stooks his corn like this and cuts it using horses.

I can remember doing this on holiday as a child.  I like the insert at the top of this one.

I found these old enormous cake candle holders they will hold quite a big candle, shame there were only six of them.

Thought you might like to see how the collection is coming on, these dolls have become a bit of a passion with me lately. The little red one three in from the left has such a lovely dress its all stiff and rustles. I will have to start giving them names.

A little while ago I was lucky enough to find some old school stamps and have been using them to make cards and things, I sell lots of these little tags and have just made up a box full of stamped note paper, these will be at the V&H fair too along with other stamped goodies.
I hope you dont all get to fed up with me showing you car boot finds you must think I spend all my time at them!  Well I do go to quite a few, but like all of you out there, its just wonderful what you find!


Annie said...

I love the enid Blyton prints, what an amazing find. The little wooden dolls are really sweet, I have one for sale in my shop but at the moment she sits on my mantelpiece and I have got quite attached to her.
Ann x

A time to dance said...

I never get fed up of seeing your car boot finds...but I do get fed up of feeling jealous!!!! Everything looks fab...I actually havent been to one all summer...maybe on H

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Jane
So much to feast these sore eyes on... I love those new cards of yours.. really charming!
Your wooden dolls make a delightful family.. have you seen the Flickr group for these dolls..?
Hope all is well down there in the wild west.. enjoy Devon. We are off there again next month.. bliss!
Michele xxxx

Micki Wilde said...

I too have been enjoying the wonderful british weather at the moment, makes a nice change ;)
Sounds like you are going to have fun at your brothers, I used to work on a farm and I love sheep!!

Your enid blyton prints are wonderful, I just love vintage childrens book illustrations.

Micki x

Jess said...

I think they're all lovely Jane. You've really inspired me!x

Clare said...

Hi Jane
Sorry I haven't been back in touch re the doll I haven't had a chance to pop back but I will before the V and H fair so if she's still there I'll bring her with me!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Jane

Shall be at Shepton buying on the Friday so will look out for you. I'm guessing you'll be going on trade day?

Fingers crossed for fine weather as this is the big one with all the outdoor pitches. What fun we'll have!

Sue x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Just browsing. Used to stand, but don't have time now.
Sue x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Like you I adore St.Anthony Head, my absoloute favourite walk is round to Place and then over on the Ferry to ST.Mawes.......but then I do like Porthscatho to St.Anthony, tee hee it's all good!

Lovely finds! Have a great weekend,
Sarah x

hens teeth said...

Jane ~ everything about your post is so evocative of my childhood, the posters, stamps and dolls are all of my era and so lovely. Have fun at Shepton Mallet.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

What lovely prints! And I have a doll precisely like one of yours (it was a gift to me when I was a tiny girl).

I took a blogging hiatus and decided to started a new blog. (I was whisperingpoppies.) I look forward to catching up with your blog!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Although not a frequenter of car boot sales, I love seeing the treasures that you find, Jane - have a lovely time in Devon. Best wishes. Lesley

Esther said...

Love the vintage posters very much. And no, I never get tired of seeing other p[eople's booty finds. I gives me hope that maybe I'll get lucky too.

Joshy and belle said...

i really like the cake candle holders, i can just imagine them on a home made cake with a big cup of tea on pretty vintage china, oh i want some now, might have to search ebay!! fliss xx


Lovely post - and I really love your site. Thanks so much for sharing it ! Best wishes to you...

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Jane

Saw Christine briefly yesterday. Love the idea of the 2 of you coming to DH. Keep me posted as to whether you'll manage it and I'll make sure I'm there.

Sue x

Anonymous said...

What an interesting collection, I do like the prints, and the dolls too. I have moved blogs Jane, I had so much trouble with blogger and have lost allot of links too. I do hope you will pop over to my new blog if you can. best wishes Julie.C

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Love those finds!

BadPenny said...

ooh I had a peg doll. I'm hoping she is still in a box of toys my mother kept had but she " downsised " and that box may have gone !

Calico Kate said...

Couldn't possibly get fed up - just madly envious!