Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I've been on a little adventure.

This last month I have been absolute rubbish at getting my act together and coming up with a nice blogging post.  Since my last posting I have been to the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair, which was brilliant and stayed a week at my brothers in Devon.  Both of these events of which I have no photographs to show you.  Mr Crow needed the camera for work at home so I had no way of recording anything.  Also I must say that I did not feel like taking any photos anyway as for the last three weeks I have had the most horrendous cold which was mainly an awful cough that went on and on and on.......!  Having looked forward to the fair for months I spent the whole time feeling pretty grim, but still managed to spend lots of money although I did not put in the time sorting through all the lovely stuff on some stands as I just couldnt be bothered, how awful is that!  Then while my brother and his wife were away and me left in charge of the animals I spent most of the time lying on their sofa coughing and sputtering without even Mr Crows 'not looking after you when your poorly skills'  to cheer me up!
Well back home and still coughing I thought I was going to miss another treat (coming up) but the cough took a turn for the better at the weekend and I was able to pack my bag again and go off on a little adventure.
About a month ago a lady called Susan emailed me out of the blue asking if I would like to go on a trial run of an interior design course being held in Somerset at Brympton house in Brympton D'evercy, they wanted to try out their ideas on a few people and get some feed back off them and it was free!  Well of course I jumped at the chance especially after looking at the website for the weddings they run there and seeing what an amazing place it is.  So yesterday morning I was on my way through the awful gloomy fog looking forward to what was to be a lovely time. Good old sat nav got me there and I was not disappointed when I arrived here at about 10.30.

My first view of Brympton House.  What a stunning little gem this is, and you may recognise some of it as it was used in the film Chocolat, one of my fave films.

I know this might sound a little sad but it was quite a thrill to drive up to the front of the house and park outside, usually houses like this have customer car parks, I really felt like an old time quest, just wish I had been in a horse drawn carriage.

I let myself in through the front door as there was nobody about (I know there are people in this pic but I took this one later on) and entered the main hall where there was a lovely log fire that smelt delicious and just made it so welcoming. You could practically fit our whole house in this hallway! 

I will follow on here with a little guided tour and tell you about the course in a bit.

Out of the grand hall into another amazing hall and the stairs.  The stairs have the longest straight run of any staircase in England. We were told when the family moved in the children got mattresses and slid down the stairs on them, great fun, I was tempted myself! I pity the poor maid that had the job of cleaning them.

Two more flight of stairs later I was shown to my room in the attics. Very cosy and comfy and the view from the window over the lake was lovely.

Out of an prettily overgrown window.

I met the other two lovely ladies, Alex and Joe who were to take part in the course and we sat in the ballroom drinking in the view from the window.  The course will be run by Sue and her friend Lindy and is all about the history of interior design which was very interesting.  They have both become involved with bringing Brympton House back to life and work on all the windows etc, making sumptuous period curtains on other soft furnishings.
They took us for a tour of the outside and into some of the other buildings.

Filming has just been completed at the house for one of the BBC's major Christmas Dramas to be shown on Boxing Day, 'The turn of the screw' one of my favourite creepy ghost stories. The house is not creepy at all but I can imagine that it could be made to feel so. Cant wait to see it.

We were shown round the lovely little church attached to the house and then the Dower House.

I loved this window, very romantic. the old door was luckily stopped from being chucked out and burnt!  

These are some of the room bells left near the butlers pantry.

An amazing painting on one of the walls must be at least 25ft long.

Well after a lovely day learning and being able to poke around this beautiful old house we were left to relax till we went down for pre dinner drinks in the salon, another roaring fire greeted us, they must burn at least a tree a day in this house!

Then dinner was served!

There is no electric light in the dinning room so we ate by the light of many candles, it was just lovely, the walls are lined with red silk and you just felt history oozing from room it must have looked the same to people dining a couple of hundred years ago. The family could not have made us feel more welcome, such lovely people, no airs and graces and their love of the house and its history is so obvious, they are really keen for others to enjoy the place and want to reinvolve the local community like it used to be when the house was so much connected to the people who lived around it. 

It was really hard to leave the house today, it had weaved its magic over me and I hope that I shall return there again soon.


Micki Wilde said...

WOW lucky you!! that place is stunning, I adore going to old houses and castles so I am seething with jealousy right now ;)

Micki x

salty pebble said...

looks like a house that dreams are made of...beautiful place and wonderful piccys jane x

Joanne said...

Hello Jane, it was lovely to meet you. Your photo's are gorgeous.
Hope you had a good journey home.

Joanne x

Diane said...

How lucky are you!!!! I am going to have my evening meal this evening by candlelight because of this post. What a stunning place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I do hope you have been getting my messages, I have changed blogs now, from GINGERBREAD to a new blog at hope you can pop by. Anyway I have just been enjoying your wonderful pictures of this stately home, we often visit historical places like this too. I spend ages looking at the decor and the Tapestries. Thanks for sharing. best wishes Julie.C

heidi said...

hello my lovely,a post at last,thank goodness!!
what a beautiful place,the dining room looked really christmassy with the candlelight,roaring fire & red silk walls. so what did you learn? glad you are feeling better.

love & hugs heidi.xx

A time to dance said...

Oh Jane it just looks so so lovely, what a beautiful place...and how was the course? Looking forward to the BBC drama I love turn of the screw. Guess what Sweet P is 13 tomorrow! ...13 years ago I begab labour...I can still feel every throb and pain...not long now my friend the 23rd is looming we are in october, count down to our visit....

Calico Kate said...

Great house and what an interesting time you have had. The dining room looked divine.

hens teeth said...

Oh my...I can't imagine it getting any better than that Jane...good for you. I do hope that one day you can visit again. x

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

What a wonderful experience in a beautiful old house - lucky, lucky you. I am a member of the National Trust and spend some of my spare time (whern I have it) looking around old house seeing this one is a real treat. Thank you.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Have really enjoyed your post Jane and am green with envy! Love the photos. Best wishes. Lesley

Pipany said...

Oh how beautiful. What an amazing experience to have. Lovely read through of your blog. x

Renaissance Grace said...

Hi Jane,
How generous of you to give up your time and attend the rehearsal at Brympton of the historical interior design course. I bet your head is still ringing with all that info. Mine is!!
The course will now be launched in Jan and split into 6 ,each month covering a different period in detail, with the opportuinity to get stuck into mood boards I know everyone was keen to get cutting and sticking me included!!
Thank you once again I will be in touch and Clare adored your art work and dolls as we all did!!
Love Susanxx

Unknown said...

It looks stunning!!
Found you via Susans blog, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos! Sounds like you left a piece of your heart there x
Annie x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

It was lovely to meet you and I have finally got my behind in gear and posted my pictures... however they are not quite as good as yours

I hope you trip home was not too tiring and perhaps see you again one day

take care

Lilly's Home Journal said...

All I can say is "Magnificent" have been bathed in beauty! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!!

Happy Day, Lilly

Heather said...

Wow...these images are just amazing! like out of a fairytale!! so lovely...hope you had a lovely summer~

A time to dance said...

Hi Jane, a really really bad journey down, 6 1/2 hours and I had a sickness bug so I threw up for the whole journey thank goodness there is a sink in the camper, feeling better today after been looked after by my friend Bridge....looking forward to seeing H

Charlotte said...

Hello Jane,

I have just discovered your blog after following it from Emma at Little Brown Rabbit and wanted to say hello.

I have a little toy shop and although at the moment I only sell new things I am hatching a plan to add some one off vintage toys and am always on the look out for inspiration, and I just LOVED the pictures down the right hand side of your blog!! Especially the bunny with the floppy ears. They are gorgeous.

As I am not really a maker (more of a seller!) I'm not so into the whole handmade thing and really loved the simple explanation on your blog of the Vintage and Handmade fair coming up, and your fair in Cornwall. I think I might even try to make it to one...

So anyway, it is nice to meet you.

Oh and your day out looks FAB! I did a Christmas Fair at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire a year ago and still have a picture of my car parked out the front of it, so funny!

Love Charlotte

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

That is such a beautiful place. I really enjoyed the virtual tour very much. The real tour must have been something else!
Isabelle x

Jill said...

fab photo tour

Autumn Mist said...

What a wonderful blog, I thoroughly understand your fascination with this place. We are very near Chatsworth, and absolutely love it there. Drop by my blog sometime at You are welcome any time.

Renaissance Grace said...

Hi Jane a quick note to say is launching 14th Feb 2010 from the Ball room do hope you can join us.
Take care Susanxx