Wednesday, June 16, 2010

House Sitting

I have left our lovely corner of Cornwall this week to house sit for my brother and his wife in equally as lovely North Devon. They live in a gorgeous old farmhouse with lots of land around it where they have sheep, they used to have some cattle as well but lost them to T.B. I am here to look after the Red Setter in the picture, Boo, and the very spoilt cat Tom who adopted them some years ago and has them totally wrapped around his little claw! I also go and give the sheep some treats in the morning and am trying to outwit them so as not to get mugged as I come through the gate, some are very tame and nearly trample you as soon as they see the bucket. Chickens need feeding too but it doesnt take long to get round them all with Boo taking herself off for a run round the fields finishing every day with a dip in the water trough, then the day is my own and with only me to think about I am enjoying a relaxing time.

I can sit outside and enjoy the garden. Caroline is a true gardener and the garden round the house is a joy.
She has a little greenhouse in its own little vegetable plot with topiary cats guarding the gate all beautifully laid out.
Its a shame I dont eat lettuce as there are lots of lovely ones ready to eat, but I do enjoy the strawberries
There are even morning visitors, I think they are eyeing up the juicy specimens growing down near the fence.
But as you can imagine I have not been able to stop myself getting out and about seeing if there are any vintage treasures around! And of course there are! On Sunday I found a great boot sale near Barnstaple, on Monday I found a treasure trove on the way home from Liz's house (see below) and yesterday went to Bideford and found a lot more, all that is worrying me now is how its all going to fit in the car as it was full when I got here as I bought lots of projects to get on with.

As I said I went to see Liz The Washerwoman on Monday to see all her dolls houses and I had a wonderful day, thankyou so much Liz it was lovely to see you and all your treasures and have a good chat.

I would have loved to have taken this home with me.

In a smallish room off the lounge Liz has managed to cram a large number of wonderful dolls houses which are all furnished with period bits and bobs. I can see how it has taken her around twenty years to amass all this stuff, true dedication! But it is all, oh so wonderful, I was in miniature heaven! I took loads of photos but am having the devil of a job uploading today so this is a much shorter post than I intended.

Just look at the little girl in this bedroom, such a sweet little outfit and the little lamb on wheels....

And (sigh) this little chap nearly made it into my pocket, but not quite!

I will show you some of my vintage finds next time as no more photos will load on this post.


Sam said...

I grew up in Bideford and Barnstaple!
I know it very well...very jealous of your visit!

Sam :0)

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Those dollhouses are BEAUTIFUL! And your brother and his wife's farmhouse is GORGEOUS! What a fabulous time you must be having! I've been told these areas of England most resemble Cape Cod. The county name for all of Cape Cod is Barnstable (with a "b"). There is also a town on Cape Cod named Barnstable, and yes, it is twinned with Barnstaple (the sign stating the twinning is very prominent)! =)

A Thrifty Mrs said...

That house looks beautiful and the garden to die for.

Lyn said...

What a beautiful house and garden, not a bad job hey?
It is nice to meet up with fellow blogers isn't it?

Annie said...

I love north Devon too and have spent some wonderful summers in the area. Reading your post has made think about planning another trip. I can't wait to see the pictures of your vintage finds. The dolls houses are wonderful, the Deco one is beautiful. The little dog is really sweet I can see why you wanted to bring him home.
Ann x

A Mermaid's Tale said...

Glad you're enjoying your Devon home-from-home Jane, and look forward to seeing your treasures! It's been non-stop cleaning and tidying here at Colepen preparing for the photo shoot, but it's good to have the motivation to get round to doing it. (Been doing too much buying on ebay too!)
See you soon,

Corinne Phillips said...

What a fantastic house and garden - I love the greenhouse surrounded by veg. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

How much I envy you. But I'm also glad that you're having a great time, surrounded my animals, silence and friends. How is your painting going on?
Hoping to see you next week,

Cowboys and Custard said...

Beautiful homes must run in the family.. what a lovely house and enviable garden.. so tidy!
I would love to see Lizzie's collection but I know I would want to move in.. to one of the dollshouses!!!


A time to dance said...

Oh those dolls houses and the wonderful to be surounded with such an array of beautiful things...I am jealous...I am trying to down size a little and I am having thoughts of a Gok capsuel wardrobe...yearn another ebay sale on the way

BusyLizzie said...

What a special place you were staying in, makes my home look very shabby! Lovely to see you Jane & look forward to catching up with you somewhere else soon...... Lizzie xxx

Jess said...

It's lovely to stay somewhere so beautiful isn't it? It makes me inspired when I get home again. That's an amazing 'dolls' house too, what a lovely visit you must have had! xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

**Swooooooning** Your brother and sil's home is absolutely charming! Everything about it evokes an enchanting English home. THIS is the kind of home I keep telling my husband that I would love to have. One in the country with a lovely garden to tend to and a place for the scotties to run and stretch their legs. How fun for you to be able to spend quality time there.

Now Jane, my dear, I think you should go back and get that stuffed dog. It would be perfect in you sweet home.