Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We've been shot!

Today was the day the photographer came to do the magazine shoot. Since last Monday I have been sanding, painting, scrubbing and dusting to make our home look as nice as I could. I should have taken some 'before' pics as the transformation has been quite considerable in the spare room. Before it was a drab old space full of books odd bits of carpet on a black floor with splodges of paint and plaster, with no character and probably quite depressing to stay in, now it looks like this.....
Four coats of floor paint after a lot of scraping and I am really pleased with it. I love painted floorboards. The curtains I bought from Liz (the washerwoman) and they are fab 50s ones and there was enough at the bottom to cut off and cover the lloyd loom stool/box.

I recovered the lampshades with some vintage fabric and the beds look good even if they dont match.

This bedside table was a car boot find, I just love the vintage fabric under the glass, the little green clock is an old friend and has a sweet little tick tock.

There's that car boot find mirror again, it looks so nice here that I don't think I can part with it now! See the bag under the towel rail, Gertie (treutmade) made it for me and there is a baby matching bag inside, thank you Gertie I really love it.

I have been buying the little china brooches to sell but have now started collecting them myself as they are so pretty. The old chocolate box was an ebay bargain.

A small old suitcase has become home for some childhood toys. Some have been passed down from older siblings and stayed with me. Poor old Ted at the back on the left is bald from my brothers playing barbers with him and has blue spots from an attack of ink measles from my sister!

Our sitting room mantle, I have started amassing small glass bottles for some reason!

Kitchen, same old same old!

The dinning room looking unusually tidy as its mostly used as a dumping ground for things I cannot find a home for.

Our bedroom.

A nice place to sit and relax out front but only when the sun has gone, otherwise too hot for me!

It was a fun day and the photographer's photos looked absolutely amazing, made our house look so much nicer than it really is, cant wait to see them in print.

And Midge, well after a hard day posing in nearly every shot she was tired out and enjoyed a snooze on her favourite chair.


BusyLizzie said...

It all looks beautiful. I am so pleased that the curtains worked out well. I would have kept them if I had anywhere to put them! xx

hens teeth said...

Stunning, absolutely stunning...a very deserved house shoot Jane. What style.

heidi said...

Bless little midge,its a hard life being famous!!
Cant wait to see the magazine jane,when will it be in?!!
Love the sitting room & the dining room,some of ian's handy work i see!! xx

kirsty said...

You have made an amazing home Jane - sooo pretty!

Sam said...


Your house is my dream home!!

I'm very jealous!

Sam x

Anonymous said...

Jane, You have worked so hard, it all looks lovely, please will you come round and tell me how to sort my house out. I know, I need to BUY MORE STUFF!!

Love Sara x

shevie said...

Jane it looks gorgeous,you must be very proud and very relieved,sit back and enjoy the beautiful thing you have made!x

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that this is the spare room I knew a month ago. What a transformation! And that dining room, I hardly remember it. You must have worked really hard, but it's worth all the efforts. Absoluetly stylish. I can't wait to see it all myself by the end of July.
Love, Gertie

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

What a BEAUTIFUL home you have! Your bedroom looks so peaceful. You must have had a fabulous time with the photo shoot!

jan said...

You have an absolutely beautiful house all your hard work has paid off!

Jess said...

Your house is gORgeous! Well odne you painting that floor, I did my bathroom floorboards white and it's quite small and took forever AND I only did 2 coats! My favourite room of all is your dining room, that cupboard is amazing! What magazine will it be in?xx

Linda said...

Looks so welcoming and calm can't wait for August when we are down for the show Linda and Lizzie xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

It looks wonderful Jane - no wonder they wanted to photograph it!


A time to dance said...

Oh Jane it looks wonderful and your dining room - how lovely I remember standing on that cold floor as I oohed and ahhed at your beautiful handmade items... everything looks fantastic let me know when its in print...by the way do you skype?

Clare Wassermann said...

what a fabulous house. Is it going to be in Country Living Magazine?? When??

Lyn said...

Oh my word what a beautiful home you have, I drool over that bedroom!!!!
PS what mag was it so I can drool some more?

Cowboys and Custard said...

Have you heard of house swap?
What I would give to live in such a beautifully stylish house with so many interesting items.. just my cup of cha!

Michele xx


Lovely, look forward to seeing the article

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Love your beautiful home, especially the suit case with the charming worn out characters!

Julie said...

What a beautiful home Jane. Would love to know the colour and make of the paint in the sittingroom. Which magazine can I find you in? Hope yours has been a good summer as your blog always brightens my day.
Julie x