Thursday, December 23, 2010

In the spirit at last!

I was beginning to get a bit worried that I was just going to mope around mumbling 'Bah Humbug' over Christmas as I have not had any festive spirit in me for weeks now. I dont know why as I love Christmas and the feeling you get on the run up to the day. Maybe its because I just feel as if I have been rushing from one task to the next with no time to enjoy all that festive joy thats been floating around or maybe I am just getting to become a grumpy old bag!
Well today I thought, come on put out some decorations (I had not even bothered to buy a tree!) and went up to the orchard and chopped off a few of the old apple tree branches that are covered in lichen, stuck them in a pot and got going in a very half hearted way. Then I thought why not put some fairy lights on them and delved into the tangled mess of wire and lights in my christmas bag. As I pulled them out of the bag and they clacked together the smell and noise of them brought on a rush of joyous spirit, yipee at last I feel like christmas, who would have thought something so simple would spark me off! So now I am madly decorating the house before its too late.

I had this little doll in a box and who would have thought she would look so cute on the back of a little old bear.

Latest painting, does look a bit christmassy.

Nearly finished the mantle in the sitting room, a few little gaps to fill still.

Put some of my collection of toy animals on the tiny shop I bought from Liz in the spare room.
A row of little dollies, now on sale in The Sea Garden.

And heres to wish you a very Merry Christmas with love and joy to you all. See you all next year!


MelMel said...

I was a late starter in the Christmas stakes this year!
BUT....I've picked up merry christmas!xxx

Lyn said...

Merry Christmas to you too Jane, glad you got the spirit in the end.

June said...

Love the Christmas tree and that little doll looks so cute on that bear!
Have a Good Christmas.

Sharon said...

Your decorations are beautiful! Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!

salty pebble said...

oh my word jane, soooo enchantingly beautiful, love the litle vintage doll on the back of a bear ;0) how wonderful!!!!
you have such beautiful collections of magial vintage pieces of loveliness x

***merry christmas***

kazzy x

A time to dance said...

your decorations are lovely where do you find such lovely things...hope you have a lovely christmas...much love ..H

ted and bunny said...

everyone I've spoken to has been "late" this year, but I'm working on the principle that its like the party you's always the best one EVER!
For some reason, Christmas just seems (or shouldI say seemed) one more onerous task to complete, but perhaps we're all getting back to a simpler way of dealing with it?

Yeah- I admit that NO food, NO decorations and...NO wine is probably TOO simple!!

Thankyou for your support this year

VintageVicki said...

Despite starting making things early, we are definately later this year with our preparations. We've also scaled back quite a bit.

Have a lovely christmas xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Your decorations are looking lovely! Hope you & your family have a very happy Christmas!


Clare Wassermann said...

I love all your teeny tiny decorations. Coming to Cornwall to see our friends THe Pennys at Portscatho so hoping the Sea Garden will be open between 31st Dec and 2nd Jan ! ???

Anonymous said...

hope you don't mind if i follow for a while - your blog looks too good not too !!

jerilanders said...

Better late than never, that display turned out charmingly and wonderfully unique. Now for the REALLY hard part... putting all the decorations back in the boxes, not fun. That is what I am doing today. I love that little bear.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Well it's all over now.. you can pack that beautiful Christmas spirit back in it's tissue paper and boxes for another year. Hope you had a lovely sparkly festive time. Looking forward to a year of being creative.. just as soon as I can kick start my mojo.
Happy New Year Jane.. here's to more long chats and hope to see you too soon.
Michele xx

TheVintageMagpie said...

Hi Jane, congratulations on the article in Country Living magazine - I squealed when I saw it! Beautiful. Here's to a successful 2011!!

Best wishes,


lindsey said...

Just come to your blog for the first time after reading the article in GH. After having lived in Cornwall then onto Devon for many years (now in Hertfordshire but visit family in SW often)I have enjoyed your posts and photo's I love all your vintage stuff too. I will be back!

Carolee said...

I hope your Christmas was *magical*!! Wishing you a New year filled with magic, joy and abundance!

~ Carolee

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Jane, your home looks adorable in all of the Christmas finery! LOVE your adorable collections - and yes, the doll is perfect atop Mr. Bear.

Happy New Year!!

noelle said...

Wonderful article in Country Living, well done all of you, it all looks lovely!! x