Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings!

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you are out there enjoying this wonderful weather and not stuck indoors reading this blog! Well I hope you do read it at some point obviously but you know what I mean.

We are very busy here getting ready for the Homespun Fair tomorrow and Christine and I will be down setting up the hall later today in readiness to welcome our wonderful ladies early Monday morning. We have a lovely mix of treasures for you to come and peruse and have all been baking furiously so you can stop and enjoy a nice cupper and a bit of cake. I have made my famous chocolate cake and a three layer lemon cake which ended up about 10 inches high, scrum!

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to! 


Colette said...

My sister is so lucky living down in Portloe that she is able to come to the Fair. Me working up here in Dorset!! Grump!!

Hope it all goes really well.


Annie said...

Lovely Easter images, all the best for the fair tomorrow and I hope the weather is still as lovely for you.
Ann x

Carolee said...

What a beautiful painting! I so wish I could visit the Homespun Fair...

♥ Carolee

ted and bunny said...

dear Jane,
I hope all goes well with the fair, altho I'm sure that it'll be a sell-out!
I'm upto my eyes in baking lavender cupcakes and carrotcake muffins for my fair; my husband says how come he never gets cakes at home (he lies- he often does get cakes, specially the rejects!)
kinest wishes
ps Bruce sends his love too- he's like a butterball with the new grass coming through and tomorrow he has to go into the more sparse "fattys paddock" with Joe who's also prone to an over-expanding girth. I don't think he'll be very happy AT ALL!

salty pebble said...

i love your painting! ENJOY the fair tomorrow ;0)x

hens teeth said...

Oh to be in Portscatho Monday morn. x

Tracy Glover said...

Hi, I am a fellow blogger and I love your art work. I was wondering if I could do a little feature about you on my blog, perhaps with a short interview if you have any time free. I did not spot an email address for you to contact you and would not post anything without your permission. Your work is beautiful and inspirational. Happy easter from Tracy

A time to dance said...

Hi Jane - Happy Easter to you too...I love your last painting ...beautiful...have a greta day at the fair...H

A Mermaid's Tale said...

Ooooh LOVE the new painting Jane! One of your best yet. x Christine

Cowboys and Custard said...

This will be the first Homespun Fair I have missed.. and missed it I did!
Thought of you all with your cake and bunting and hope it was a bountiful day for you all.
Michele x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hello to YOU!!! Oh bummer.....I cannot make it to the sale! Why, oh why, do I have to live so bloody far away?!!!!! Jane, I love your paintings and I know that several would come home with me. The children waiting for father painting is just too sweet!!!

hugs from afar,

Sarah Burford said...

Been following your blog for a little while now. Inspiring and lovely!