Sunday, November 2, 2008

A prize, a day out and some new work.

The other day I had a lovely surprise in the post when my prize from the blog Dadas place arrived it is a sweet little painting of a girl and her doggie.  I was lucky enough to be the person chosen on her give away.   Thank you Dragana I love it!

Our Friday out this week was to Cadgwith Cove, we had never been there before, its a tiny village with thatched cottages and a little harbour.  We spent some time wandering about enjoying the sunshine then went on to St Keverne for tea at Roskilly's icecream farm sitting by an open fire where the farm cats come in for a warm and to say hello to all the customers, they did not settle down till they had done the round of all the tables, very sociable poods. Wish I had taken some pics of them.

This cottage is such a diddy little thing it should be made of gingerbread and have a witch living in it!

  I spent last week making assemblages of which here is a couple. As you can see I have used the cow toy I bought a few weeks ago for one of them and pieces of an old jigsaw too.  I love wooden jigsaws, hate the new cardboard ones, they have no soul!  This was one I got on ebay and it had a few pieces missing so I did not feel to guilty using bits of it here.  I do have another farm one that is complete and it has lots of animals that you can play with as they stand up on there own.  I will be scouring ebay soon for my yearly fix of puzzles to do over christmas.  Luckily I now have a friend, Sara, who is also a jigsaw junky and we have a lovely jigsaw day where we just do puzzles, drink lemonade and eat biscuits!  Looking forward to that again soon Sara!  Well it was a productive week and I now have quite a stock of boxed bits for the show so I am now onto making jewellery and christmas decorations.  The decorations are in the prototype stage at the moment but I think they will work out OK will put some on the next post.


Another picture of Cadgwith for some reason it got put at the bottom and I cant move it.

Attention blog readers!  If you come back and look at my next blog, number 20, I will be doing a give away and I think you will like it!  I know I have not been blogging for long and I probably dont have many people who read it but I thought it would be nice to show my appreciation of you out there by giving one of you a little gift so do hop back soon and see me (bit of a clue there!)


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Jane... oh my heart raced when you mentioned St Keverne and the Roskillys. This family has been part of my life one way and another for the last 40 years or so..They have built up an incredible empire and their ice cream is beyond compare!
Love love love your farmyard and poodle pieces...
I will be waiting with much anticipation for your giveaway.. especially if it features a much loved rabbit!
Michele x

A time to dance said...

Jane - you constantly make me jealous what beautiful places you have near you. I shouldnt be green though as I have lovely Whitby and all the little fishing villages near there, unfortunately the weather didnt permit nice pictures. I love your work cant wait to see your decorations and jewellry. I love te one with the cow. You have inspired me to buy Pete a vintage jigsaw for christmas, he insists on these horrid ugly three dimensional foam things which create buildings of french landmarks!! Glad you are back missed you love and hugs H

Sea Angels said...

Gosh Jane, I so envy you living down wonder you are so creative, oooh I am looking forward to your give away....I'm also looking forward to meeting you...not so long now is it...gulp!!
Hugs Lynn xx

Redwoodhouse said...

a great post fantastic village with that cute pink cottage. Your frames are wonderful really love the farm one must be fun looking out for the bits and pieces to use in them. Looking for and finding things is such a buzz don't you think.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lucky you winning such an adorable picture! Your boxes are looking fantastic! Can't wait for your giveaway - what fun!!

Dragana Savkov - Bajić said...

Hello Jane
I'm so glad you received my painting! I'm also glad that you like it. :)
I will visit you blog, there are so many interesting things here! :)
All the best

oldflowers4me said...

i just had to say hello-im making a pot of jasmine tea-would you like to share...singing and skipping-jo

Diane Rooney said...

Thanks for sharing, Jane. Beautiful work.. unusual and inspiring. And congrats on getting that little's lovely.

The fabric of my life said...

I am so happy to have found your delicious blog. I adore the shots of Cornwall and look forward to coming back to read more
Donna x

heidi said...

hi our cornish friends!hope all is okay with you. love cadgwith jane,did you go in the lovely little gallery on stilts? going to have to 'love & leave you' oscar is sitting on my lap making things very difficult.i think he is trying to tell me its walkies time!! be in touch soon.lots of love heidi & os.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx