Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunday Treat

The only other people who live down our lane are a lovely family who keep horses.  They have two Fresian stallions that are beautiful called Volmer and Vector (I think thats how you spell their names) they are carriage horses and used to work for Harrods before they 'retired' to Bob and Julia's.  They do not work so hard these days just little trips round the lanes and its lovely to see them trundling past our house.  I have been out a couple of times with them before and sometimes go and plat up their manes if they are going anywhere special, I love doing that!  On Sunday Julia asked if I wanted to go out for a little ride, they would stop and pick me up.  So when I heard Julia blowing the horn (Bob and his son Ben play the carriage horn at shows and Julia is learning) I skipped out the door and managed to get a shot of them trotting up toward me.

It wasn't a very sunny day but what a lovely thing to do on a Sunday morning, you can see so much more from a carriage over all the hedges seeing views I never saw before.  At first its a bit disconcerting being so high up behind two big black bottoms when you are more used to being on horses backs!  The carriage sways and moves about more than you think it would, it is so much part of the horses and Bob is wonderful with them, he obviously loves them and they respond to the sound of his voice and much as the reins.

Here we are back home again, a real treat and I learn something new every time I go out with them.  Bob is a well known carriage driver and teaches and helps others with their own horses.  He is always away at some show or other in demand to drive other peoples horses, even the Queens!  


walter and me said...

What a blissful way to spend a sunday morning!

A time to dance said...

How lovely Jane - It makes me go all 'Tess of the Durbervilles' when Alex takes her in his gig and goes too fast so she will hold on tight - I trust your friend doesnt do that with 'er Majesty!!!!!!!!!!
seen Johny lately??? I will be holidaying in your neck of the woods from now on - looking for large rabbit burrows!!!!!!!!

Country Cottage Chic said...

They are so beautiful - what a lovely treat!

Heather said...

oh, how fun! they are so majestic looking! What a lovely thing to do on a sunday

swirly sara said...

Oooh what a lovely life you have!!
Look forward to visiting you in the 'Sea Garden'.

carolyn said...

They are beautiful, I understand that they wre once the breed of choice for funeral carriages.