Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mutley Mob!

Here we are, a few of my furry friends to say Hello .  Michele asked to see some of my little doggies and I needed no further excuse to get them out of the toy cupboard (yes I know, Im 46 and still have a toy cupboard!) and take their picture.  

The little fellow on the left was my first find he cost me 50p at a car boot and has such lovely blue eyes and really loves to be cuddled!  Dolly Doodle the Poodle was in a junk shop unloved on a shelf.  I feel as if I have rescued all these little doglets and given them a loving home!  Maybe I should become a registered charity for unwanted toy doggies, I promise never to turn away a vintage pooch.

Thought I should start making some bits for the fair, here are a few gift tags made from new and vintage papers and vintage buttons. Not sure if they are really worth making for what I can sell them for but great fun to do anyway.  
I would just like to thank you all for the lovely kind comments you have all been leaving me. It is so nice to here positive things about my work.  


Cowboys and Custard said...

Thank you so much Jane for satisfying my canine curiosity..
I love the trio of woofters...
I have a small pooch who would look right at home amongst that lot..
You are never too old to have a toy cupboard.. I only really started mine a few years ago and I enjoy my toys more today than ever before..
Long live second childhoods!

Michele x

A time to dance said...

I love your tags - I bet they took ages, I know how annoying it is when people grumble about the cost of handmade items - they never consider time and the thinking which goes into projects. I love the doggies too, I am in a rabbit phase although I have a mouse and quite a aged and scratty bears. I certainly wouldnt say no to a lovely dog though.
Love and hugs H

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Its ok...I have a toy cupboard too. And I am a youngin anymore! :-)

I love how you have photoshoots with them. They are adorable!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog! btw I am not sure if my book is available in the UK. Perhaps on amazon?!

walter and me said...

Oh, so cute! Perfectly acceptable to have a toy cupboard, regardless of one's age! Thanks for dropping by, I'm not that familiar with the Roseland...just a bit. I do like The Sea Garden, always worth a visit!
D x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Soooo- I'm not the only one with a pack of vintage doggies? I can't resist them either!


carolyn said...

Gorgeous dogs, I still have mine from childhood and yes they would qualify as vintage!