Saturday, October 18, 2008


The last few days I have been working on these angels. They are acrylic on canvas.  I quite like the cake angel and might have this one as a print and cards.  I am building up a small range of my own cards that at the moment I sell to galleries but soon they will be on my etsy shop.  Yes I know, I have had the etsy shop coming soon notice on this blog for ages but Ive only got to work out all the postages and I can start listing stuff, must get my **** in gear and get that done soon!

I thought this one would make a nice christmas card and tags maybe.  I am going to do a few more angels for the V&H fair so my stand looks quite festive.                     

We went to Polperro yesterday and Im afraid to say that we were a bit disappointed with the place, so we stopped at Lostwithiel on the way home. It is a sweet little town and one of the few places in Cornwall that you can find antique shops.  My favourite is one called Deja-vu, they always have lovely stuff in there. At the moment I have fallen in love with a dresser that would be perfect for our front kitchen.  Will have to review the dwindling finances and see if we can justify spending quite a lot of money!  Im hoping that the owner might be interested in some of our stuff we need to get rid of and do a part exchange.  Well while I was in there I spotted these lovely animals on wheels and the bunny who sits just right in the toy chair I found in Christine's last year.  I will be using the animals in some assemblages although Im not sure if I will be able to part with the little cat!


A time to dance said...

Hi Jane
we love the paintings - I like the one with two angels on - do you sell prints? they would loo lovely on certain someones wall. I love the bunny, rabbits are my favourite. What wondeful finds!
Get on ebay - thats what w d when we have to buy something - usually for Polly.! Have a good weekend love H

Niki Jackson said...

I love you angels!

carolyn said...

Beautiful angels and what adorable finds, also loved looking in your friends shop in the previous post.

French Fancy... said...

What a beautiful angel!

Country Cottage Chic said...

I love the angels & am looking forward to seeing them in person at the fair! I doubt I'll make any money as I'll spend it all on the lovely things being brought along.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Slight drool going on here Jane..
Absolutely gorgeous.. all of it.. but I have lost my heart to that rabbit and as you say .. the little cat is very special!

Michele x

P.s I remember Lostwithiel well. My mother had various antique shop en route to our holiday home in Cornwall and we always stopped at a lovely antiques shop in Lostwithiel. My mother bought a gorgeous antique snow globe..many years ago. I wonder what happened to it!?

Redwoodhouse said...

thanks for the lovely comments Jane just visited your blog and what a delight, the angels are very special and are just perfect for cards and tags. Loved your friends shop how fab to have your things for sale there.
Can't wait for this fair in Nov.

Claire said...

What a fun collection in particular the finds in Deja-vu. Lostwithiel is a delightful little place. I shall be back to have another look at this blog.

This Vintage Life... said...

Hi Jane,
So nice of you to visit. I won't be at the fair I'm afraid....too far! But have fun.
I am very smitten with your pull-along animals; didn't we all have one of them when we were little? If they need a good home, let me know!
Lovely blog. Deb x

Dragana Savkov - Bajić said...

How beautiful! Your paintings are absolutely adorable! Love your angels! Your paintings are magical! They make me feel happy! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
Love your angel paintings! Thanks for commenting me. I have just started blogging and yes, I am so addicted. I really enjoy looking at all the decorating ideas from other countries. Have a great day!