Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday afternoon in St Ives

We have decided that if the weather is good Friday afternoons are to be our day off and trip out days.  Yesterday we drove down to St Ives which, when its not summer is one of our favourite places.  It was such glorious weather when we got there, its been a real Indian summer this week and its even hotter today!  

We love to just wander round the little streets always getting lost and finding new bits we havn't seen before but we always seem to end up at the beach by the Tate. The sea is always a beautiful colour, the surf was up and there were loads of surfers on the waves, looking like seals in their wet suits.  We had a look in the Tate bookshop, we never bother to look round as neither of us like the modern art they have in there.  We did pay once and were disappointed with what we saw.  Maybe we are stupid and don't understand it, if you have ever seen The Rebel with Tony Hancock that is how we see the art world!  

Wandering a little further we came to our favourite cafe on another beach that has huts at the back, it always makes me think of the 1930s, I can just imagine the bathers and young men playing banjos like a P.G. Woodhouse story.  Its bliss to just sit with a drink and a bit of cake and take in the view.  

There were a few families on the beach, a mother playing catch with her little boy.  A young seagull was stood quite near watching when it suddenly grabbed the ball and flew off with it!  The poor little kid couldn't believe his eyes, the seagull flew, with others in pursuit, off round the corner, we thought they were all off to play their own game on the next beach!  But no it came back and glided round as if taunting the kid.  I managed to snap the little offender and you can just make out the ball in its beak.  Well that made our afternoon!


heidi said...

hello to our friends in wonderful cornwall! hope all is well with you. looks like you had a fabulous day in st ives.the harbour is beautiful out of season as you say.were is that dear little cafe?what more could you want sand,sea & a piece of cake!not forgetting our 4 legged babies of course!loving the beach treasure,especially the heart,what a lovely colour.i want to know what you create from the driftwood what a find! well thats all for now. oscar sends big wet kisses for midgie. take heidi.xx

heidi said...

sorry jane i might have sent this message a few times,been having probs with this blogging!!x

A time to dance said...

I think you have an idealic life Jane, I had to go into work today and chat with parents at our annual open day. This was followed by compensating the bad day with something really nice - spending far too much on two beautiful beautiful artist bears - they will be on the blog later. I love your pictures - wish I was there. Love H i would love to go for a cuppa in that cafe

jane and the happy crow said...

Hello Heidi

I cant really tell you where the cafe is we always just seem to find it!!! I did pick up a card so when I find that I will let you know. Why havn't you got a blog yet?! Get at it girl so we can see more of what you are up to! Lots of love Jane xx

Sal said...

Glorious! I'm hoping for the same weather today as we too are visiting the 'seaside' and venturing to Exmouth!! ;-)

bigbucketgirl said...

Don't mess with the gulls!We live with them and sometimes they are like wild dogs with a ball! Well, ball/spade/food/sunhats!

We love St Ives..the light really is different there. Your pictures are making us swoon!

Anonymous said...

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Country Cottage Chic said...

What a glorious day out!

Carol said...

Hi Jane, I have been away from blogging too long..just been tracking back on your blog - what a gorgeous cottage you have.
I adore all your little dogs-stuffed and real!
We love St Ives too...seeing your pictues makes we want to book for next year. I have just come home from a holiday in Greece which was wonderful apart from a little mishap! but I still think this country is better than anywhere that I travelled so far abroad.

MelMel said...

What a lovely blog!
I love your collection of doggies..woof!
Also we do the same thing...collect heart shaped stones...Olly my OH finds them for me....i just love hearts anyway!
Thank you so much for the lovely comment about my home.....i'm sure your home is a comfy place to be...home is where the heart is!
Have a great evening!x

The Crackled Horse Company said...

Hello Jane!
Thank you for your comments... your blog looks better than mine though, for being new!? How do you "follow" blogs?
I LOVE Cornwall.... my family come from Ludgvan from generations back and my Grandmother has recently moved from nr Portreath to be near family ( me! ) in Kent. I have VERY fond memories of holidays there and will still go back.
Thank you for your kind words and feedback on my "bits and pieces"... I sit and paint them by hand and really enjoy doing it!
Give my love to Cornwall... the sunsets like you dont see anywhere else... Helenx

carolyn said...

The weather was simply wonderful wasn't it?

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Jane! Oh, it sounds like you had a delightful time in St. Ives. Isn't it so much fun to poke around and to see what awaits you at the next turn? Love your story and to know that you enjoyed your day at the beach. We are heading to the beach this weekend to take in some glorious fresh air and hopefully some sunshine, too.

Poor little boy! That nasty sea gull!!!!


Sue said...

Hi Jane...first time on your blog..The pictures are beautiful. I felt like I was right there along side you..The cafe picture was the best. I look forward to stopping in often and seeing another part of the world..thank you for sharing it....Sue in Atlanta

Julia said...

Jane what a lovely blog you have and such gorgeous work! I have just enjoyed drinking in your photographs and I got quite nostalgic for Cornwall - although Im sure we'll be down again come the spring!
Im like you, I much prefer places out of season, I love watching the big storms and the huge waves - amazing!

Julia x