Saturday, October 4, 2008

Heart and Doggies

We went up to Constantine Bay for a walk on Friday and E found this lovely seaglass heart that he gave to me!  It is the most perfect heart shape and the colour is gorgeous.  It was a surprise as we are usually squabbling over our treasure finds and trying to barter with each other for the best bits, he must love me aahh!  I have quite a lot of heart shaped bits of glass and pebbles but this is the nicest one.  It was lovely on the beach, nearly empty and the sea was beautiful (I do have pics if you want to see them?)

These two little darlings were my car boot finds last weekend.  I have a collection of 50s china in this pattern that we use every day, they always cheer me up, so it was great to find these and it wasnt till I got them home that I realized that they have an added feature, if you pull their tongue out comes a tape measure! And they were only £1.50 for the two!  The black one has been mended but they are still lovely. I must collect all my doggies together and take a picture to show you.


Heather said...

what a perfect find! So lovely~

ginny said...

jane it's perfect.. thank you for sharing.
i feel the pull of the sea and so wish i lived closer.. how great to have the beach to yourselves.
ginny x

A time to dance said...

Jane you constantly tempt me - what gorgous pebbles and sea glass (I collect them too but they live in the bathroom in a very large glass jar which I pilfered from from the science dept clear out). I also love your little dogs - lucky lucky lady.
love H

walter and me said...

Hello Jane, just popping over from Ginny's, I couldn't resist the lure of seaglass! And how perfect that little gem is. Lovely too to find a another cornish blogger, though I think you're further north in the county than me. That beach retreat you found looks so blissful, peeling paint and all.
Warm wishes,
Diana x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Lovely finds.

Pipany said...

Hello Jane. I found you via Diana's blog and I also come from Cornwall. I look over at the Roseland Peninsula from the Falmouth side of the bay. Lovely to see your sea glass x

Dragana Savkov - Bajić said...

Hi, Jane, I like your blog. Your paintings are sweet and beautiful! Love your style!
BTW, you probably forgot that you participated in my blog giveaway, so please, come to my blog, I have a surprise for you...
All the best,

Cowboys and Custard said...

I am rather fond of hearts myself (HA!) and would seriously covet your glass heart to add to my collection of glass, stone, silver, wood,ceramic, wire hearts etc..
The beauty of your glass heart is that it wasn't man made!
I am always amazed at other peoples finds at car bootys.. those dogs are charming! What a great find!

Michele x
P.s I would love to see your dog collection.. please!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Good day Jane!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave such a sweet message! I just love your blog! Your artwork is amazing and so sweet. A book? How fun!!!

Your collections of sea hearts and circle rocks are fabulous. Isn't nature amazing? I also love your sweet little dog. What a cutie pie!

Have a lovely day!!