Monday, November 22, 2010

Give away Winner

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay, I forgot that I would not be home on Sunday after staying away for the weekend at my brothers after going to the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair, which was BRILL!

No pics on this post just the name of the winner of the give away. After writing all your names on bits of paper and screwing them up I put them in a bowl and set Boris on them to choose one. He was quite happy to play with the little balls of paper and the first he clawed out of the bowl was..............Becky of Sweet Cottage Dreams, a lovely lady from across the pond. Email me your address Becky and your little gift will be on its way to you. Sorry everyone else (especially that ****** woman from Bath!), I just wish I could send you all something.

Will post some pics of the lovely stuff I found at Shepton ASAP, I just wish I had unlimited funds when I go there as I could spend, spend, spend.


A time to dance said...

oh what a shame...wish I had won...hope you are well, we are very excited about the knitting and stitchingfair on saturday...

Cowboys and Custard said...

The prize could not have gone to a nicer lady.. well done Becky. We will have to entice you over the pond to have a 'jolly' with us south west gals one day.

Michele xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

i am soooooooooooooo EXCITED!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i will have to find a way to send you my home address, too! i just cannot believe i won - what a lovely birthday surprise for me!

oh and yes miss michele, i will have to get over the pond someday to have a bit of "jolly" with you south west girls!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

jane, would you mind emailing me at

thank you, darling girl!!