Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still here with a Give Away!

Here I come again, naughty me, I have spent too long blithely skipping over the hills, not a thought of blogging in my head and here we are a month since my last apologetic posting! The last few weeks have zipped by so quickly and we have gone from summer to winter with the nights drawing in and the woodburner now being regularly lit, much to the animals delight. And here again last week was Mr Crows birthday, this time his 50th!!!! Eeeek how did that happen we still feel about 20! His birthday dawned bright and cheery and we had a day out exploring a little corner of Cornwall we had never been to before.

Only about an hours drive, just down from Torpoint is the sweet little village of Kingsand and Cawsand which merge together. Its not very big but the tiny cobbled streets and funny little clock tower on the beach are really charming. This time of year its very quiet as most of the houses seem to be, like many picturesque places in Cornwall, holiday homes. So we wandered around and sat in the sun watching the navy ships coming and going out of Plymouth.
Just around the coast from Cawsand is this really tiny chapel right out on a little bit of land sticking out into the sea with amazing panoramic views all round. In the picture below you can see Whitesand Bay where the cliff is studded with wooden shacks which would nowadays be called holiday chalets. I dont know how long they have been there I assume it was from a time before planning, some you can see must be around the 20s era and a lot have been done up to be modern dez rezzes. We only drove by and did not stop but hope to revisit for a better nose about someday soon.

The camera battery ran out so I did not get to take photos of Downderry, Portwrinkle and Seaton all villages along this lovely bit of coastline. But maybe I will be able to show you them soon.

I have done a couple more paintings, 'Walking the Dog' and 'Picking Apples' and I now am pleased to say that a gallery has offered me an exhibition, the first of many I am hoping. It has been great fun messing around with some new techniques.

And now, a little bird tells me, I have a give away. I hope that you will find it acceptable, two hand made items by myself.

The first is this little collage in an old tart tin to hang on your wall.

The second a bracelet of Suffolk Puffs with mother of pearl buttons.
To have a chance of winning just leave a comment on this post. The winner will be announced next Sunday the 21st November. Good luck everyone!


Lyn said...

Jane, welcome back and what a wonderful set of photos from cornwall, a beautiful place. I was very lucky to win one of your lovely givaways and the painting I won then will finally go on my wall in the next few weeks!

RosieB said...

I'm usually a lurker here but your collage tart tin has brought me out of hiding! I love it adn the bracelet, thank you so much for the chance to win it.

Congratulations on the exhibition!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love the photos from your outing Jane and it's nice to see that you are blogging again. Also really like your latest paintings - congratulations on the forthcoming exhibition. x

Colette said...

Nice to have you back.

Thank you for such lovely photos.

Colette xx

A Mermaid's Tale said...

Eek Jane, love your 'Walking the Dog' painting! Really glad you've been offered an exhibition too. And nice to see photos of a part of Cornwall I've never visited. (Sold another Suffolk puff bracelet in the shop on Saturday - I think they're going to be very popular!)
Christine x

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

What a rare treat to see Kingsand and Cawsand. Your new paintings are wonderful-

salty pebble said...

awww lovely to see you back ;0)
your special art work and amazing collage crafts are really beautiful, you are a talented soul ;0)x
lovely that you visited my neck of the woods plymouth- i often sit by the light house gazing out to sea watching the ships...;0)
pleasey enter me id love a glimmer of a chance to win something really beautiful ;0)x

best wishes x kazzy x

BusyLizzie said...

Good to see you back Jane! Your paintings look wonderful, good luck with the exhibition. This week I will be mostly washing, sewing and preparing for Shepton

Micki Wilde said...

Sounds like you had a great outing!!
I love your new artwork, the style is wonderful!!

Micki x

VintageVicki said...

Welcome back.

I love Cornwal and seeing pics of it out of season is lovely.

I'd love to be included in your giveaway, please.

A time to dance said...

Hi Jane its always lovely to hear from you...the suffolk puff bracelet is do you get them to lay so flat??? I hope you and yours are well, pete says being 50 isnt too to all...H

Carolee said...

Welcome back. :) I LOVE your paintings, and wish I could see the upcoming exhibition...But please do drop my name in the hat for your giveaway!!

~ Carolee

Rebecca said...

Welcome back, beautiful pictures! I'd love to be entered into your giveaway :-)

Cowboys and Custard said...

Well you're not the only belated blogger.. I have been absent without leave for a while too.. it must be our artistic temperaments.. or something!
At least you have been putting your time to good use and the paintings get better and better.. I love walking the dog..of course.. despite being a cat fancier.. dogs feature prominently in my life these days.
May I put up my rather wrinkled hand to be entered into the giveaway please..
Look forward to seeing you soon at the V & H.
Michele xxx

the vintage magpie said...

Hi Jane, welcome back! Hope you aren't under too much water down in Cornwall today :( I am in love with the tin collage and bracelet... I am crossing everything I've got !! xxx

the vintage magpie said...

Hi Jane, welcome back! Hope you aren't under too much water down in Cornwall today :( I am in love with the tin collage and bracelet... I am crossing everything I've got !! xxx

Ruth Hope said...

AWOL for too long! You are missed when you are away, you are inspirational and I love your work. I would love the chance to hang a piece of your work either on the wall or myself! Good luck with your exhibition, look forward to seeing your work in London one of these days.

miz-bag said...

what a sweet giveaway...loving your work and how fab getting an exhibition!! well deserved xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

First of all, may I wish your hubby a happy belated 50th birthday! I turn that magical number (gack!) on the 23rd. We are now a good vintage, would you say? ha!

Secondly, I soooooo enjoy your posts of the charming seaside towns that are close to you. The clock tower - and that entire stretch - is simply sweet. How I would LOVE a home there!! Never mind the cold - the sea is the place to be.

Jane, you have really out done (did I spell that right?) yourself with your adorable paintings. They are precious!!!! So happy for you that you are being given a spot to shine. You so deserve it.

Your giveaway is wonderful. Please add my name to the list of friends, provided it's ok to enter from so far away.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Jane!

I don't know if my other comment went let me try again.

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your hubby! I turn 50 next week and can share in the sentiment of now being a good vintage! ha.

I so love it when you share the pictures of the beautiful villages by the sea. I would LOVE to live in that little stretch on the cobbled street by the clock tower.

Your art is absolutely adorable and I am so glad for you that you are being featured in a gallery. You go girl! You so deserve it.

Please add my name to the list provided it is ok for international friends to be entered to win. Such lovely treats you are offering to us girls.
Thank you!


pippirose said...

Beautiful photos. I'd love to go day...
Thanks for the chance to enter your wonderful giveaway.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Gill said...

Lovely photos! I used to visit Cawsand/Kingsand regularly 30 years ago - I'd forgotten all about them until I saw your lovely photos
Thank you

Cowboys and Custard said...

Well Jane... I have been sitting here for a day with my fingers crossed and no news forthcoming...
Can I uncross them now as I am getting cramp?

That ****** woman from Bath x