Friday, September 12, 2008


There is something very familiar and comforting about baking rock cakes.  I can remember making them with my mum when I was young.  Mum was and still is a great home baker and with seven children she was constantly in the kitchen, we used to 'help' me and my younger sister and were allowed to lick the bowl, although mum always said we would get worms!  Did anyone else's mum say that?  The recipe I use now is from an old 50's cookery book, like the one mum had.  I love old cookery books the photos are great I don't know what it is about the colours they are just so Doris Day!

When I was in Sainsburys the other day I saw tubs of curd cheese and it made me think of curd cheesecake my great Aunty Mary used to make when we went to visit her in Hull so I thought I would try and find the recipe, of course mum came to the rescue again.  She has lots of family recipes written down like Aunty Mary's Spice Bread and Aunty Hilda Chocolate Mouse (yummy) to name a few.  Well I gave it a go although I could not find semolina anywhere and had to sustitute that with ground almonds it seems to have worked OK and tastes like I remember even though its about  35 years since I had any!                                                                                                

Well a busy day ahead of me out and about, up to Padstow this evening to see my friends new exhibition of paintings then back down to St Mawes with other friends to watch the fireworks at Falmouth.  Then tall ships tommorow yipee!


A time to dance said...

OOOH its like Fanny Cradock on the blog today - I wish I could bake I am useless - Pete makes fab bread! Your pictures are making me very hungry after a few ryvettas and some cottage cheese for lunch. I feel in tune with Johnny Depp I am writing the school production at the moment - Alice!! based on Alice in wonderland. Alice is going to be a punk! Last year I did Charlie and the Chocolate factory - maybe this time he will make a guest appearence in my show!! Love and Hugs H

jane and the happy crow said...

Golly fancy having to write a whole play! Good for you. Mmmm all Johnny Depp productions eh, maybe you could do Sleepy Hollow, one of my favourites of his, I just love the colour palate they used in that film. I have been told to watch Edward Scissor Hands as inspiration for the Peppermint Twins and The Night Before Christmas. It is a long Time since I saw E.S.H. and I dont think I appreciated it then so must buy that soon. LOL Jane xx

A time to dance said...

I love sleepy Hollow too although polly says its too scary. I havent seen ESH for eons - I know what you mean about appreciating things years later. As ur tastes become more sophisticated I guess. OOPs Polly has just read this - she is not happy that I have let you know she thought Sleep Hollow scary.
I write lots of plays, some from scratch and others inspired by childrens books. I buy them for Polly then write, produce and direct them using upper sixth- we usually do about 10 shows and we are called the 'out of the box theatre company'. They are my gift to Polly because my job takes me away from her so often.