Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I meant to start with the circle pebbles but for some reason it got moved to the bottom and I cant move it back.  Well anyway this is a lovely bit of driftwood we found  and its coming home with us to be made into something, I think it would look nice as a lamp base?  Will have to wash the seagull pooh off first.

I just love this bit of rope hanging on a fishermans hut, yes it really is that blue! We had a lazy day today, I did not do any painting which is naughty as it needs to be finished but what the heck I'm on Oliday! 

These are the bits I got yesterday, I think the sitting down dog must be half of the black and white whisky dogs.  I wasnt going to buy him but he was sat on the shelf with the other one and I thought he would be lonely without his friend so they both came with me.

You cant believe the circles arent painted on amazing nature!


A time to dance said...

Jane this is too much tantalising me with these beautiful things that you have bought and wonderful scenery - Pete would die for a piece of driftwood like that - he spends most of our holiday looking for bits and pieces which end up waiting in the cllar to be made into something. I cant bear i especially after the horrible day I have had working 13 hours without a break ! I am going to console myself with my new selvedge magazine. sorry the spelling is wobbly but so am I at the mo!!

Heather said...

what treasures you've found!~

Cowboys and Custard said...

This place looks idyllic.. almost hard to believe that such a place exists.. no crowds, traffic, pollution, noise..
This is my idea of heaven!
Especially if the beachcombing turns up such those beautiful designer pebbles!

Country Cottage Chic said...

The pebbles are amazing! What a beautiful place you visited on your holidays.

carolyn said...

Love those dogs and as for the pebbles they are fantastic, we have some from a long ago holiday and they are especially treasured.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Jane. I had to smile at you buying both dogs so that one wouln't be lonely. If I had avoided doing this all my life my house would only be half as full as it is, in other words I always manage to find something I want which has a friend! Ah well! its too late to change the habit of a lifetime. Good luck with the Fair. Eli

ginny said...

hi Jane,
the pebbles are beautiful.what lovely holiday photos too. glad you have had a wee rest. hope the seagull pooh comes off easily.
love ginny x