Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tall ships at Falmouth

Today we went to Falmouth to have a look at the Tall Ships that have gathered there for the Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta, which starts from here on Saturday.  Around 20 tall ships from around the world will head off from Falmouth in a race to Ilhavo in Portugal and then on to Funchal in Madeira.

We have been waiting for this all year and it was a real thrill to get up close and even go aboard some of these lovely ships.
All the colourful flags fluttering in the quite strong breeze made for a very gay and festive atmosphere.

On Saturday we hope to be able to park at St Mawes (if we can get there early enough to find a space!) so that we can watch all the ships in full sail go by, I have never seen a ship in full sail in real life and as the weather forcast is good, fingers crossed, it should be quite spectacular.  I will be posting photos!


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Jane... I remember many years ago on one of my summer hols in cornwall.. climbing a hill on the Lizard to watch the tall ships sail past.. It was so exciting and a day and sight I will never forget.. Wish I could be there to see them again..

Love all your teddies and furry friends... beautiful collection!!


A time to dance said...

Polly and I nearly had a fit when we saw the Johnny Depp look a like - we would have been zooming down to Falmouth like a shot if it had been hi. He is our one true love -don't tell Dady!!!!!!!!!!!!

jane and the happy crow said...

Does everyone love Johnny Depp? Did you know that they are making Alice in Wonderland and He is going to be the Mad Hatter?! And they are filming it in Cornwall at some big house, dont know which one hope its one near me! I have a couple of other pics of the looky likey I will post them too. He was quite good and sounded like him, Im sure its the same chap I saw at Bovey Tracey in the summer.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Jane.. If you hang around the streets of Bath long enough you are sure to see Johnny Depp.. He has bought a house somewhere in the area..
I look forward to seeing the Alice in Wonderland film..are you near Lanhydrock ?

A time to dance said...

Polly and I will be holidaying in Cornwall swoooooon

jane and the happy crow said...

hi Michele

Yes we are quite near to Lanhydrock, we went there for a walk round the grounds a few weeks ago. Is that where they are filming?

Helen and Polly, maybe you should move to Bath! said...

Hi Jane, nice to meet you. I like your art very much! I closed a shop, vintage, earlier this year, it was my passion, so completely understand your feelings regarding your gallery. As they say "one door closes, another opens . . .. " Take Care, Rachael

jane and the happy crow said...

Hello there Rachael
Nice to meet you too all the way away in Auckland! Yes it was a bit sad to close the gallery but as I had decided back in May that I did not want to renew the lease I was almost longing for the day I could close, you know what its like once you make your mind up about something. I will look at your blog later and see what new doors have opened to you.
Glad you like my work, its going to be very interesting getting feedback from lots of people from all over the world! Jane xx