Friday, September 5, 2008

Ozone and Ebay.

After five days of packing up my shop and moving it all home where it now resides in most of the rooms of the house, I decided that I
 needed to get down to the beach for a bit of 
ozone.  It was a lovely day and the colours were amazing these pics dont show all the different blues and turquoises there were.

First I drove down into Portscatho and then round to Pendower beach which is the best dog walking beach near us, when the tides out doglets can run to there hearts content. Now the kids have gone back to school the beaches are nearly empty again, yippeee,
 we get the beaches back to ourselves for the winter.

What the postman delivered

When I got home the postman had been and here are some of the ebay goodies I got this week.  These are just six of the lovely old postcards, ninety in all, aren't they lovely? I cant wait to
use them in some jewellery or labels or something, must get making soon!  They are mostly of children although there are some animal ones too.  I just love the pointy hats.

Here's Noddy!

Yes this little fellow arrived too. Is'nt he just so cute, I thought he would make a lovely addition when I display my Noddy jewellery, made out of old books.  He is made from foam and came with a Noddy in a car,  I got both for a bargain price, hooray for ebay!

Boris at the door
Of course one of the best things that awaits when you get home is a cat at the door!

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Cowboys and Custard said...

Now just when did the sun shine this year??
I haven't seen anything that blue for such a long time!
Love your Noddy.. bit of a Noddy fan myself!
.. and as for Boris.. Oh what a handsome beast!