Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunny corner and a message for Polly

Today the weather has been so lovely that I just had to spend a bit of time in this sunny corner.  Daisy joined me and I managed to get some rare photos of her as she is camera shy most of the time.  She looks a bit scarggy at the moment as she is in between summer and winter coats when her tail grows to be nearly the same size as the rest of her!

It looks like the lion statue is whispering in her ear, she is such a sweety, she is our little fairy with fur.

Back indoors here are some of the new charms in the making for jewellery to take to the V&H fair.  Noddy, as you can see is the main character for all these pieces and I am planning to add some vintage buttons and beads to the bracelets and necklaces and some brooches too!

Message For Polly

Hello Polly.  It was lovely to see you with your paints out, hope you got some ideas down before you had to start on, Yuk, homework.  Thought I would show you a page out of my sketch book so you can see that you should not be precious about it and try and make it look good, it is just a jotter for thoughts.  If you get into a habit of using it you will be surprised at just how useful it is.  Post some of your work for us all to see.  LOL x  


A time to dance said...

Hello to you tooooooooooooooooooo Jane thank you very much for your message i think your things and illustrations look good better than mine.High School girl at Benton Park in Rawdon and how many books have you illustrated? love to you and what a lovely sunny corner and i love the kitten it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! LOL Polly

A time to dance said...

I also love your cat - I wonder what he is teling the lion? Nothing naughty I hope. I love your sketch book - I would love to paint and draw but have no real talent for it. I should stick to teaching drama. Have a lovely weekend - hanks for leaving Polly a message she is made up!