Sunday, September 14, 2008

I saw three ships a sailing

Well more than three actually, but it bought the rhyme to mind.  It was a slightly cloudy morning and we thought that it might rain even though a good day had been forecast.  We all got up before seven so we could make an early start, we had decided to drive down to St Mawes which is only about 14 miles from us and watch the ships from the castle.  Lots of traffic was expected and we wanted to get a ringside seat so we got down there by nine. We were very lucky with the parking and managed to get the car  right down near the water at the only place where the hedge was low.  We staked our claim and then had to wait about five hours for the regatta to start!  Ian and Chris went off for a coffee while Jackie and I stayed behind to make sure nobody moved in on our space!  When the boys got back it was our turn and we managed to while away a couple of hours shopping, like woman can, even though there are only about four shops worth going into.  

By  about eleven the place was packed and the sun came out every now and then between the clouds. Around two o'clock the ships started to make their way out to sea.  It was lovely to watch them all go past with all the little yachts following on behind and around them.  The only disappointment was that they only put the sails out when they were out in the bay and we had expected them to go past full sail from the start, but with the use of cropping and sharpening the photos show them well.  Sitting scoffing sausage rolls and cake in the fresh sea air while this wonderful scene unfolded in front of us made for an unforgettable day and I look forward to the next one in ten years time!

It was all worth the early start and the waiting, these magnificent vessels looked so calm and serene on the water.  I wish lots of luck to all the crews taking part in this wonderful race.


A time to dance said...

Oh my goodness how wonderful, you live in such a wonderful part of the country. Today Poll's and I watched 'Johnny' heart throb Depp in one of the 'Pirates' films today and your photos make me think of romantic times with swashbuckling pirates and Captain Jack Sparrow scooping me up into his arms and..................... now I am carried away!!
By the way what sort of cake were you munching?

Cowboys and Custard said...

They are indeed magnificent ships..
Thank you for bringing the tall ships race to me.. I would love to see these again..


jane and the happy crow said...

Have just heard from an old school friend who works for Madame Tussauds making the models and she has just 'done' Johnny Depp!!!! Lucky her! She gets to meet so many famous people. Glad you liked the tall ships Michele I loved your piece about your Cornish home, what a shame you dont still have it, be worth a fortune now!

A time to dance said...

I wonder if your friend would mind letting me borrow the johnny Depp mould I could do a Blue Peter with a bit of plaster of Paris perhaps? I loved Michelles blog about cornwall too. I looked for the Ladies in Lavender cottage to rent for the summer - not on a teachers salary!!!
Happy blogging
ps Polly was bought a sketch book on sunday - I am trying to encourage her to get the water colours out - she is being rather reluctant and lacking in confidence - I will show her your earlier blog for inspiration!

A time to dance said...

Polly has left something for you on my blog
love H