Sunday, September 7, 2008

Out of my window, and a new sketch book

This morning the garden looks a bit autumnal to me, everything has gone a bit leggy and messy, it will be good to get out there soon and trim it all back.  Not being a natural gardener I tend to just leave things till all the leaves drop off in the hope I wont do to much damage then!  Although we have been here three years we have only this year started to get the garden back into shape with a lot of help from our neighbor Julia who has weeded and cleared  indefatigably, it is a large garden and had been left for a couple of years before we moved in and it doesn't help that the wood comes right to the back door so brambles are constantly being battled against.  
 Lots of lovely new Sketchbooks   

I bought all these lovely new sketch books from our brilliant art shop in Truro.  They were really cheap and I can't resist art materials!  I have just finished filling my old one and thought, when I saw these lovely canvas covered ones, that I would paint my own and some for friends and turn some into journals.  So here is my new sketch book ready to start filling with new ideas.  I wasn't going to do anything today but couldn't resist finishing this off while listening to the Archers, yes I'm an addict!
I need to start sketching ideas for a childrens book based on the characters 'The Peppermint Twins'.  My husband sent some of my paintings to a friend of ours who illustrates and has his own publishing company and he really liked this image and has asked me to work up a cover and two spreads and the story for a book that he will then take to the Frankfurt book fair (One of the main book shows of the year) in the hope that it will be picked up by some packagers.  I used to illustrate childrens books in the past and have been thinking of getting back into it for a while now, I didn't know Ian had sent off any of my work and it was a nice surprise after feeling so down about closing the gallery.
I have a rough idea what the story will be but it needs some working out so it will fill twelve spreads and leave room for the illustrations.  Think I will go for a nice walk with Midge and have a good think.


A time to dance said...

I love your paintings as does my daughter Polly who wants to be a writer and an illustrator when she grows up. Your garden looks lovely - my parents are green fingered but I havent inherited this - I try my best chopping and sometimes hacking here and there - perhaps I shold try your method!
Greetings from Yorkshire

jane and the happy crow said...

Hello Helen

Glad you like the paintings, does Polly already write and paint? Thankyou for being the first person to follow my blog, how did you find me?

I will add you to my list when I figure out how to do this, how do you find the URL of others blog, which is what you need to know?

Speak again soon Jane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I found you via Cowboys and Custard's list of exhibitors. I hope 22 Nov goes well for you all. Shame I live too far away or I'd drop in. Love your garden, it has the 'romantic look'. Great artwork too. Hope the book idea comes to fruition. Eli

A time to dance said...

Hi I found you vi Vintage Magpie ! Polly writes all the time and was delighted to read your message. She also loves art and I am encouraging her to experiment with water colours my blog is