Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pebbles on the beach

At About eight o'clock this morning we gave in to Midge and took her down onto the beach, she ran on ahead with E and I tagged along behind looking at the lovely pebbles,  looking back the hut looked nice in the morning sun.  It was strange going to sleep with the sea so close, you don't hear it after a while and then all of a sudden you hear it again and it seems much louder, there was one point when I said to E its a shame we cant turn it down a bit! I think it makes more noise as its on pebbles not sand. Ian was up at first light  expounding on the delights of the day, I just pulled the covers over my head and tried for a bit more snoozing now I had the bed to myself, but Midgie kept giving me kisses and she is very liky when she wants you to get up, then you get a ball shoved in your face and more kisses!  So after ten minutes of trying to fend her off I had woken up to much so got out of bed stuck my head out of the window and took a deep breath.

Just  look at these pebbles, amazing.  I think we will be taking some home with us.  Today we looked for ones with a circle on, tomorrow we are going for stripped ones.

Back at the hut the sun was shining on the porch, its just like a Country Living photo or Coast. In fact I think this place has been in CL or Coast.  It was the location in the Demi Moore film Half light and Kate Winslet has stayed here..and ...Helen and Polly.... it may be used in the new Johnny Depp movie!!!!! 

Well today E sat out on the deck and read and snoozed and I started some work, one of the illustrations for the book.  I am taking photos of it as I go along which should be quite interesting, I will put some pics on when its finished.  We popped into Bude for a bit of shopping and I made E screech to a halt by a shop called Shabby 'n' Chic, well how could I resist that!  It was a little treasure trove and I bought two black china 50s dogs and a milk jug like ones I collect. I will show you those tomorrow. 


Niki Jackson said...

You have a beautiful blog! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it's great to find another UK artist.

Heather said...

Goodness, what a beautiful blog! Thanks for finding me so I could come visit :) your paintings are so lovely! And your beach retreat is positively magical!~